Ancelotti can be wrong, the serious thing is that he betrays himself


09/25/2021 –

Si Ancelotti he wants to play modern football, he has to put up modern players. And modern players are Valverde and Camavinga. The Real Madrid It is not to do without either one or the other in the center of the field. And much less of both at the same time. Ancelotti is also wrong, but the strangest thing is that it goes against their own teachings, let it be betrayed.

Ancelotti, who does not give press conferences, gives lectures, has been explaining several appearances. His defensive concerns are born far from his area and close to that of the rival. He wants his team to press high up, to draw his rear line as high as possible, and to provoke robberies in a dangerous zone. But if you want to make paella you need rice. If you buy lentils you can do something else, but not paella. After the deployment of Valverde and Camavinga against Mallorca, go out with Casemiro and Modric against Villarreal and pretending that the result of the pressure is the same is nonsense.

Casemiro, with Gil Manzano.

Casemiro, with Gil Manzano.PHOTO CHEMA REYMARK


Yeremy pine gave the night to Nacho, to the public of Bernabeu and to any madridista who was glued to the TV. The kid went to the band whenever he wanted, created danger, forced Madrid to imbalance to put one more pair of eyes on him. Would i put Luis Enrique also yours to work?

Yeremy Pino, with Nacho.

Yeremy Pino, with Nacho.Kiko HuescaEFE


The side drama of Real Madrid it starts to be more than worrying. It can be understood that Ancelotti has some reservations about the ownership of Miguel in high voltage matches. But so much doubt as to unbalance the whole team not to get him out? After Mestalla it has become clear that Luke It is going to be difficult for him to play right back again, but it is not that Nacho is at his best. Place to Valverde of ‘2’, with everything the team loses without him in the middle … Carletto’s excess of zeal with a Miguel who would not have been more out of tune than Nacho.


Courtois He did his thing, which is to be the best goalkeeper there is right now. He pulled out Danjuma a shoe that smelled of goal when he came out of his boot and continued to clear everything that came close to his goal. The best news for Madrid is that, even if the powder gets wet on top, they have life insurance behind them.

Courtois paradon.

Courtois paradon.PHOTO CHEMA REYMARK


Emery It is a piece of coach. And of the best, the ones that are good on a day-to-day basis. Of those that collect the fruits at the end of the season. His Villarreal came to the Bernabéu wanting to play and skipped the bad pressure from Madrid with extreme ease. Only the final white push locked his own in his area.