These are all the teams eliminated (so far) from the MLB playoffs

Some surprises, many old acquaintances and the odd team that we considered a “candidate” for the World Series have already been eliminated as of today from any possibility of playoffs of Big leagues with a few days ahead of the regular season … what do you say, any surprises?

The major league playoff eliminations that were seen coming from the beginning of the season …

  • Orioles
  • Detroit
  • Texas
  • Pirates
  • Washington
  • Miami
  • Colorado
  • Arizona

These 8 over here in our forecasts we considered lost from the start …

To highlight here two players: the Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera that has left a season full of marks completed and Juan Soto who aspires to the prize for most valuable in spite of not being in a contending team.

The MLB playoff eliminations we thought would do better …

I do not know why we continue to hope in the Angels, when it is not one thing it is the other, the joke is that they always find how to disappoint us. Point aside the season of Ohtani, who will surely take the MVP despite not being in a “contender”.

Salvador Perez’s season with the Royals is also very noteworthy, by far the best catcher of the season and undoubtedly an excellent line for his #HOF case.

Those eliminated who are a disaster …

We almost didn’t want to put Indians in this line as well, because Cleveland hasn’t aspired to much for a long time … but we left them because we found a curious thing (which we explain below).

Mets being the Mets, with a spectacular start and thenooo, well the usual, what about the Metropolitans who year after year find how to do worse than the previous one?

Cubs a case study, without a doubt, from winning the World Series to the most disastrous restructuring in many years … an organizational chaos and errant planning that has more than one fan on the verge of heart attack.

Interestingly, to illustrate this note we chose Lindor and Baez, one former Indians and the other former Cubs, who finished this year at the Mets. Could it be that the three teams caught the same thing?