America could not at home with Jaguares: relive the first leg of the Cup

Finish the game! América and Jaguares draw 0-0 in the first leg of the round of 16 in BetPlay Cup 2021.

90 + 3′- Jaguares had it! Quick transition led by Balanta, the winger leaves his marker on the road and surprises with a shot at the near post. The ball ends up crashing into the stick.

90 + 1′- Double scarlet cue in the rival area. Ramos starts it, Segura complements it and the ball goes just off the track.

90′- Four minute replacement.

89′- Ramos’s header that comes out very weak at the hands of the rival goalkeeper.

87′- One more of America! Arrieta heads against the grass and Mina, on the line, saves.

85′- America advances all its lines to seek the opening of the scoreboard. Jaguares remains firm in defense, tries to slow down the game by making time and appeals to the cons as their only weapon.

81′- Jaguares appears with a distant shot from Balanta that goes astray.

78′- Very clear opportunity of America. Quiñones passes deep to Torres, the end closes and tries a mid-height cross, but Mina flies and everything ends in the corner kick.

73′- Mine Cutoff! Ramos receives from the left, accommodates himself and releases a well-placed right that the Jaguares goalkeeper saves with just enough.

69′- Gomez’s first. Run from the center to the left sector and cross shot that Ramos does not reach.

65′- Substitution in Jaguars. Jhon Labastidas and Maicol Balanta enter, Altamiranda and Díaz leave
Substitution in America. Mauricio Gómez and Gustavo Carvajal enter, Sierra and Ureña leave.

63′- America was saved! Center of side that follows in length. At the far post, Pérez tries to finish off, but misses the ball and ends up hitting Segura.

60′- Borbollón in the visiting area. The ball falls on Ramos who tries to finish off first, but the Jaguares defense manages to intercept.

55′- New approach of Jaguares. Díaz tries his luck with a shot from medium distance, but the ball goes astray.

52′- Dangerous center of Lucumí that Marrufo evacuates with just at the height of the penalty spot.

49′- Concern in the visit. Carrillo is injured only in a divided ball and is replaced by Fabián Mosquera.

47′- Jaguares arrived. Altamiranda surprises with a cross shot that passes near the portico of Novoa.

46′- Substitution in Jaguars. Nelino Tapia enters, Sinisterra left.
Substitution in America. Deinner Quiñones enters, Paz left.

The second half begins! America de Cali 0-0 Jaguares de Córdoba

Finish the first part in the Pascual Guerrero. America de Cali 0-0 Jaguares de Córdoba

Four. Five’- One minute of addition.

38′- Problems in America. Joao Rodríguez suffers a discomfort in his right leg and cannot continue. You already asked for the change. In his place comes Jeison Steven Lucumí.

3. 4′- The party falls into a pothole. América tries to attack on the wings, but Jaguares takes refuge well in their field with compact lines. Goal options are scarce.

25′- The local appears. Long pass through the right sector that Torres controls, the winger faces his rival, leaves him on the road and throws a center that closes. It almost surprised Mina.

19′- America asks for a penalty. Grabbing inside the area of ​​Pérez on Ramos, the captain calls a foul, but Ospina does not sanction anything.

17′- Hard foul by Segura on Lloreda. In the subsequent free kick, Castaño breaks off his marker, heads against the grass and Novoa saves with just enough.

14′- Dangerous advance of Jaguares. Great collective play in the middle of the field that ends at Lloreda’s feet. The forward wanted to avoid his marker instead of kicking at the height of the crescent and lost it.

8′- America’s first approximation. Great individual play and a good deep pass from Ureña, Sierra reaches the finish line and tries a low center back, but goalkeeper Mina saves.

3′- Jhon Palacios slap in the opponent’s face. Referee Jhon Ospina sanctions the foul, but does not admonish the scarlet player.

1′- America’s high pressure. The attackers press the exit and force the rival to rally from the beginning.

The path of América de Cali begins in the BetPlay Cup 2021. In the first leg of the round of 16, the scarlet team receives Jaguares, who has just left Barranquilla FC on the road.

The duel will start at 6 pm

This is how both teams will form in Pascual Guerrero: