Larre is Feli

With a nice match between Larre Borges and Stockolmo, Thursday began the day, corresponding to date number 6 of El Metro.

In the beginning both teams were fine from the three-point shot. Larre in any case had other variants in attack, with a good movement of the ball and an accurate Demian Álvarez in offense. Stockolmo depended on the triple in the first five minutes of the game. He put up nine of his 10 points from the 6.75 line and thus remained in play. But the home team had a better line attacking, and taking advantage of the losses of their rival, finished up 20-13 at the end of the first 10 minutes.

In the second boy Stockolmo managed to lower the difference, and the rest that Mathias Nieto gave Ricardo Glenn had a lot to do with it. However, when the triple did not enter he had complications, and quickly saw himself seven points down again, 20-27. From there he put an 8-2 to get to a point, hurting the area that Larre placed. The defense of the La Unión team focused on Danridge and from there with the spaces that the S offensive found, it hurt. With a magical ending from Galletto, those on Castro Street passed for the first time that night and went up 34-32.

At the start of the third, Larre again set the conditions for the match. Felipe Garcia had an excellent income to be one of the reasons the game quickly switched sides. Stockolmo was very dependent on Danridge, and on Galletto, who was not so clear in the attack on the basket. Thus, with Barriola distributing and with Garcia finishing, Larre went up 9, 61-52. The start of the last quarter was totally different. Stockolmo went 12-3 in four minutes to even the game at 64. A totally unleashed Danridge, who not only had his usual double rhythm, but also hurt from the triple. It was then when, after one minute of Nieto’s time, Larre put an 11-1 to regain the lost advantage with two minutes to go. Despite Stockolmo’s attempts to get into play, Larre was very strong and ended up closing the game at 82-73.