Alexis Vega sends message to Atlas: “children were saved from their p … mother”

The message from Alexis Vega and Gudiño questioned the result of the Zorros and that they could not increase the advantage despite the two expulsions for the Rebaño

Alexis Vega and Raúl Gudiño sent a message after the defeat of Chivas at Classic Tapatío. In a video circulating on social networks and where they ensure that the Atlas He was saved after what happened in the match on matchday 12.

The archer of Chivas start the video arguing that despite the expulsion of two elements of Chivas it was not enough for the Rojinegro team to achieve a greater goal difference.

“They saved the truth, because with only two fewer players they could,” said Raúl Gudiño.

For his part Alexis Vega It is shown in the video emphasizing with some high-sounding words that the followers of the Rojinegro team were saved from a defeat: “They saved their p … mother’s children.”

The video managed to be viralized in a short time, where different fans of both teams shared it, so Guadalajara fans laughing were happy for the reaction of both players, despite the fact that it is presumed that the players sent the video to a person close to its surroundings.

Like some Atlas fans shared the video ensuring that they continued to show their complaints and ‘crying’ for what happened on the Akron Stadium field this Saturday night.

For its part, after circulating the video Through Twitter, some elements of the Rojinegro team reacted to the video, including Edgar Zaldívar, Jesús Angulo and Julian Quiñones, who posted some mocking emojis after the publication.

The youth squad of Atlas He reacted with some laughing emojis, while the former Tigres striker reacted with crying symbols, emphasizing the complaints of the two Guadalajara footballers.

In the same way, Edgar Zaldívar clicked on some photographs that show the complaints and memes about the Rojiblanco team after the defeat this Saturday.