Alexis Vega ‘celebrates’ pass to the Toluca final over America: “the 11th is coming”

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The striker did not forget his time with the Devils and celebrated passing to the final against America with a message on social media Alexis Vega do not forget your passage through Toluca and ‘celebrated’ the pass to the final of the Devils over America, with a message on their social networks. The striker who … Read more

Chivas affected by arbitration, with a goal against and expulsion of Alexis Vega, according to Ramos Rizo

Chivas affected by arbitration with a goal against and

For ESPN’s arbitration specialist, Felipe Ramos Rizo, the whistler Fernando Hernández failed to approve Puebla’s tying goal and that caused the expulsion of Alexis Vega, due to claims The play of the second goal of Puebla and the expulsion of Alexis Vega They were part of the criticism that Felipe Ramos Rizo made about the … Read more

Alexis Vega accused of car accident; the footballer replies: ‘they don’t know how to drive’

Alexis Vega accused of car accident the footballer replies they

The Chivas striker is accused of causing a crash and minutes later he responded on social networks that he was not responsible for the incident The striker of Chivas, Alexis Vega, was accused via Twitter of ‘provoking’ a car crash, after a user pointed out the soccer player tried to beat him, which is why … Read more

Alexis Vega scores a great goal and shows that he wants to continue in Chivas

Alexis Vega scores a great goal and shows that he

When celebrating his score, the forward made signs that he is staying with the rojiblanco team while kissing the shield GUADALAJARA – The attacker of Chivas, Alexis vega, scored the third goal of the game against Mazatlan in the rojiblanco’s debut in the Clausura 2022. Vega He took advantage of the celebration of his free … Read more

Alexis Vega sends message to Atlas: “children were saved from their p … mother”

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The message from Alexis Vega and Gudiño questioned the result of the Zorros and that they could not increase the advantage despite the two expulsions for the Rebaño Alexis Vega and Raúl Gudiño sent a message after the defeat of Chivas at Classic Tapatío. In a video circulating on social networks and where they ensure … Read more