13 phrases of Marcelo Gallardo: the message to the footballers, his future in River Plate and the bad present of the team

*Gallardo spoke about his future at River Plate

Marcelo Gallardo, after leaving without speaking after the 2-2 draw against Vélez in the Joseph Amalfitani for Date 8 of the Professional League, he gave a press conference at the River Camp and analyzed the present of the team so far this semester, which has him out of the Copa Libertadores; but still in the race in the local tournament and the Copa Argentina.

“We are at a moment in which after many years, of situations in squad building and team conformity with the best possible performance, we have not been able to meet the objectives of this semester. We are far from believing that by not achieving the objectives, false comments begin to be made with issues that have to do with the extra-soccer. There is no crisis here, they will not find it”, sentenced the Doll two days before the game against Gimnasia de la Plata.

His future as coach at River Plate

“I am solid, firm and convinced in the bad moments of the team where I have to go. To River fans I say, not to those who seek to move a structure with false words. If we don’t fight for the championship, I will leave the best possible structure to have something solid when it comes to starting again”.

“My permanence was built through many years and does not depend on one or two bad results. We have built something more solid. That is why the people of River, who always want to win, have felt the disappointment. The River fan does not allow himself to be reached by certain things that they want to destabilize internally or externally. There is no crisis here.”

“My projection is this: take care of these moments. There are three and a half months to work based on what was mentioned above. Sometimes I understand that my permanence bothers me when the results do not come, but ultimately it has to be seen as a merit. In a society where everything is quickly destroyed, it has to be seen as a merit. I don’t speak for myself, I speak for all the coaches. Football is not a matter of magic that you change one thing and that’s it. It doesn’t happen in the short term.”

“I have nothing against those who do not love me. I sit here and tell them that no matter how much they do things to seek to destabilize me and we lose more games than we have already lost, it will not happen. Until the last day of my contract, always with my head prepared to give the best solutions to the team. I will do it with conviction until the last day. If it’s enough to fight for the championship, fine. If not, in the medium term, build the structure”.

*the forceful phrases of Marcelo Gallardo

The poor performance of some River Plate footballers

“As a coach I have to teach at all times. They (the players) know that River does not expect you too much either. Within what are the normal times of accompanying processes and giving them that solidity and support, is my role. Then you have to go out and you have to win. Here you always have to win.”

“I am not going to give details. I lead a soccer team and within that squad are those who have arrived. I’m not going to charm anyone, I’m accompanying processes that are normal in football life. There are some that cost them more, others that have that security and then end up being important within the structure. Things we have already seen. Questioned the first year and a half and then they get up. So far we haven’t responded in the best football way. I always talked about adaptation. I love players who put on the shirt and perform. But they are the least. Here it has been difficult for Enzo Pérez to play the first six months. He has cost you. A World Cup and European player. Sometimes you have to follow processes, other times they don’t give the times “.

“Not even when the team lacks a goal or they score goals do I see that we are failing in a sector. We failed as a team. It’s not the strikers’ fault if there are no goals, we failed as a team. I see the team’s offensive and defensive shortcomings. That is my way of observing. Later we can discuss individualities but I don’t like to compare”.

What self-criticism does he make in the face of the lack of results

“My form has not changed. That is why I speak of permanence. Maybe you think we changed because we lost. Because teams sometimes have ups and downs, they have good and bad moments. Julián Álvarez who scored a number of goals around that time that we were champions, later he scored less. A good semester can be had by anyone. It can be given to anyone. Holding on with conviction for 8 years, I don’t know if it’s easy to achieve. There were highs and lows, normal in football. There are always failures, when the team fails I have no problem saying that the team is playing poorly. I never hid from it. The first responsibility is mine.”

refereeing errors

* Gallardo’s anger with the use of VAR

“Some things that are punctual that surprise me. Just as there are cameras to take if you’re angry, you laugh, if you make a face. Today the referees have the chance to look at what they want, they should make fewer mistakes. They have the fundamentals, you have to lower the errors. There were a lot of mistakes that happened to other teams. The only thing I ask of the referees, who trained a lot and continues to make mistakes, but not with River in general”.

“In Aliendro’s expulsion, it never touches the player, so you can’t make a mistake. You are looking at the play, the player never steps on it. The error is tremendous. Although I overdid it, but it was not an insult (against Nicolás Lamolina). Insult is something else. Who here at some point did not say an asshole or an asshole?. But when they mess up that badly, they kick you out. I’m temperamental, I’m like that. I also have these answers and these situations that do not make me proud but define me as I am. Sometimes I make mistakes, like everyone else.

What saves the most from your team

“I found small partnerships, in the Copa Argentina match (3-0 win against Barracas Central) some good feelings and in the first half against Vélez. Not everything is dark, we couldn’t sustain it in the last 25 minutes against Vélez. Good answers, attitudes to believe that we can feed ourselves. I told the players in the locker room: we couldn’t hold on, but I want to highlight how well we did in the first half”.

Reinforcements and the transfer market

”Six months ago we had the clear possibility of occupying some players who we knew were not going to be there. We were already working with the possibilities. The Aliendro thing was another great incorporation that we were able to bring, he is a very good soccer player to our institution. That of Pablo Solari, young and with a lot of projection. Borja was always on the radar even before and we were able to make it happen. A great effort was made. As long as the market in Europe remains open, we will always be on the lookout.”

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13 phrases of Marcelo Gallardo: the message to the footballers, his future in River Plate and the bad present of the team