Who is the player coming back from injury who will be a key player for each NFC West team?

We select one player from each club in the sector whose return from physical issues will be critical to success during the 2022 regular season

Every year, there is only one team that breaks the champagne and raises the Vince Lombardi Trophyand 31 other clubs left disappointed, defeated, thinking how different things might have been under other circumstances.

Among these often unavoidable circumstances, injuries play a predominant role. With the arrival of the new season, many teams begin to recover some players who could not finish last season due to injury, or who had to endure some stretch of the calendar decimated by injury.

While the teams of the NFL are stuck in the last phase of preparation to face the regular season, that is, training camps and preseason, it is worth reviewing which are the key players who, in case they return from injuries in good shape, will give an important boost to the clubs once they can return to activity.

We continue with the four teams of the NFC West:


During a four-year period, from 2012 to 2015, watts was selected four Pro Bowlswas included four times to the first team All-Proand was named three times the Defensive Player of the Year.

Later, the injuries began to rain. watts he missed 13 games in 2016, 11 games in 2017 and eight in 2019, managing to play all the regular seasons in 2018 and 2020, only.

watts sought fresh air when he moved to Arizona, but the injuries did not remain in the rearview mirror. The star defensive lineman missed 10 games in his debut season with the Cardinals.

Shoulder problems dramatically cut short his debut campaign with the Cardinals, but was able to return to participate in the postseason with the club. However, it has been a new season of a lot of rehabilitation for watts.

Arizona lost a key element to their defense when Chandler-Jones emigrated to las vegas raidersand the Cardinals are still waiting for their two current inside linebackers, both first-round draft picks, Isaiah Simmons Y Zaven Collinsmeet your draft expectations.

We already know what you can contribute watts on the pitch in statistical terms, including becoming the first player in league history to record two seasons with at least 20 sacks — a feat later matched by his brother T. J. Watt–, but having him on the playing field also serves to give direction to a defensive unit that doesn’t quite dominate.

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the star cornerback Jalen Ramsey recently admitted he had offseason surgeries on both shoulders, but they were minor surgeries and he is expected to be ready for the reigning champions’ regular-season opener. superbowlnext September 8, against the buffalo bills.

Other elements with drag injuries to the rams include the starting tight end Tyler Higbeeand the alternate runner Darrell Hendersonbut no one should worry more in the angel squad than Note Boomthe man called to succeed the recently retired Andrew Whitworth as the one in charge of protecting the quarterback’s back matthew stafford.

Note Boom missed the NFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl LVI from last postseason, due to a pectoral problem. Already in some previous opportunity, he replaced a then injured Whitworth in the starting lineup, and that experience makes him the go-to player for long-term left tackle, but he’s missed 20 games in the last three seasons, so availability hasn’t exactly been his calling card. .

A new agreement for three years and 40 million dollars betrays the confidence that the rams in Note Boombut not all players make a successful transition from emergent substitute with remarkable performance, to permanent starting job with high expectations, set week to week. Stafford finished the campaign superbowl physically battered, and that was after tying for the league lead in interceptions thrown during the regular season. Question marks at left tackle could quickly end the honeymoon he lives in The Angels.

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It is no secret to anyone that Throw he wasn’t exactly spectacular in the limited action he saw during his rookie campaign, attempting 71 passes and completing just 57.7 percent of them for 603 yards with five touchdowns and two interceptions for a poor 33.4 Total QBR. That performance was enough for Steve Younglegendary former quarterback of San Francisco and current analyst NFL for ESPNexpressed concern about the accuracy of Throw.

During the last obligatory mini-camp of the Ninersthe second-year quarterback spoke to local media for the first time this offseason, discussing an injury to the tip of his right index finger during last preseason finale against the raiders.

“The finger, for me, was the most important thing, as far as throwing the ball,” he said. Throw. “I had to learn to throw the ball differently, without using my index finger.”

The Niners are taking a huge leap of faith with Throw as their starting quarterback for the following season, one they paid a fortune for in the Draft 2021. It is expected that as Jimmy Garoppolo is cleared to start pitching again after right shoulder surgery, talks of a potential trade reignite. It’s better for Throwalready the Ninersthat index finger is not guilty of another uninspired performance when Garoppolo is negotiated and there is no one else to turn to in the template order of San Francisco.

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In his first season with the Seahawksthe one of 2020, adams became a revelation with 9.5 sacks to lead Seattle in that department, despite playing safety. That led to a third consecutive invitation to the Pro Bowl and, more importantly, to what was then the biggest contract in league history for a safety, signing a four-year, $70.58 million deal with Seattle last August.

A second season in Seattlethat of 2021, fell very short compared to the expectations created previously. adams he didn’t get a single sack, and he missed five games on the year, adding to the four from the previous season. Total, adams He has lost 11 games in the last three years.

In 2021, injuries included a second labral tear in his left shoulder, necessitating further surgery to correct the problem, and interventions to treat finger dislocations on his left hand.

What makes the situation worse for Seattle is that the other starting safety, Quandre Diggs, ended last season with a dislocated ankle and a fractured fibula. But, diggs does not collect the money adamsand whose level is expected All-Pro season after season he is the one who pockets the big bucks, not only as an asset on the field, but as a leader of the entire unit.

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Who is the player coming back from injury who will be a key player for each NFC West team?