Tom Brady in trouble: Leonard Fournette appears overweight after missing Bucs OTAs

ANDn the last two seasons, the running back Leonard Fournette became a crucial weapon for the success of the offensive of Tom Brady with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Thanks to that, he got a three-year extension, after spending the first two years on the team on one-year contracts.

However, with that calm, it seems that he relaxed and returned to the old practices he had with his first team, the jacksonville jaguarsbecause fournette he missed the organized team activities (OTAs) and when he showed up to the mandatory minicamp, he arrived quite overweight.

According to the journalist Rick Stroud on his podcast Sports Day Tampa Bay: “The coaches weren’t happy. Fournette didn’t participate in the OTAs and showed up at the mandatory minicamp weighing close to 260lbs. That’s not a good sign for a guy you just spent a three-year deal on.” “.

For the team it is urgent that Fournette get in shape, because during the 2021 season he was a three-down weapon for the offense of Tampa Bay and was one of the favorite targets of Tom Brady in passing situations.

The “Plan B” for the Buccaneers

Meanwhile, Stroud highlighted the great talent the third-round rookie has shown. Rachaad Whitewho stood out for his talent for catching passes in Arizona State.

The report notes that Fournette has been busy preparing for the upcoming season:

fournette he’s a seasoned pro, so it won’t be surprising if he shows up to training camp near his ideal weight, at 228 pounds so he can become a three-down runner again so White can become another weapon for the team. , but as an additional tool for Brady and not the bastion of the offense.

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Tom Brady in trouble: Leonard Fournette appears overweight after missing Bucs OTAs