Miguel reflects on what he has left in the Major Leagues

THE ANGELS – Miguel Cabrera he doesn’t talk very tough when it comes to interviews and public appearances. But his words carry weight, given his future Hall of Fame status six years after his eventual retirement.

Within the activities of the Stars game — to whom the Tigers’ Venezuelan and Cardinals’ Dominican Albert Pujols were called up as “legacy picks” — Cabrera spoke of the time he has left as a major leaguer.

“I did not expect. I also wanted to rest my knees,” Cabrera said at Dodger Stadium. “But that’s nothing. You have to enjoy this game. It was one of the things I set out to do.”

At 39 years old, Cabrera arrives with a very different hitting style, which is nothing like the one that led him to so many offensive exploits in 20 major league seasons. In 2022, the Maracayero has a .287 / .324 / .346 line with just three home runs in 309 plate appearances and a .670 OPS, well below his career number (.912). He is hitting the ball along the ground more than ever in his career (50.2%) and taking it up just 18% of the time. And of his 82 hits, only 11 are extra-base hits.

In other words, the “Biggest Tiger” has been able to reinvent his hitting style, to at least produce a fairly decent average and on-base percentage.

In the meantime, he is a kind of “teacher” for the youngsters, inside and outside the Tigers.

“Miguel Cabrera and José Altuve are my favorite players,” said Cabrera’s compatriot, Twins star Luis Arrárez.

“I grew up watching Cabrera and Pujols, so it’s a big thing to share the stage with them,” added Yankees Cuban left-hander Nestor Cortes Jr.

Now more than ever, Cabrera reflects on what awaits him in the next year and a half in the Major Leagues.

“This year I have two and a half months left and next year six months,” he said. “You have to enjoy it, because I’ve had a long career.”

And does he want a farewell tour in 2023, his last season of a guaranteed contract?

“I don’t expect any of that,” said the author of 505 home runs, 3,069 hits and countless other spectacular achievements that will take him straight to Cooperstown. “But I do want to finish healthy and help the young guys, try to have a positive season.”

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Miguel reflects on what he has left in the Major Leagues