Uncomfortable visitor; the Cardinals are undefeated on the road


LThe 2021 Arizona Cardinals are almost a textbook example of how to build a successful team without relying on home advantage.

Using conventional wisdom, Arizona, like any other NFL organization, was supposed to take advantage of the conditions of its stadium, crowd in the stands, and city weather to win most games.

However, the Cardinals have broken the radar and turned into on-the-go executioners. They have built on the road, the best record (9-2) in the NFL so far with six victories, each with more than 10 points of difference on the scoreboard.

With a win this Sunday at Soldier Field in Chicago, the Cards will be part of a historic conversation as they are the third team (Cowboys 1968, 49ers 1968) to win seven straight road games on double-digit slates in every game.

The Cardinals have a great opportunity to become the first team with eight wins in a row: after the Bears on Sunday, Arizona’s next game is in Detroit, and they will probably be favorites against the Lions who so far have not added any victories or at home. far from visiting.

The last meeting the Cards will have in someone else’s yard this season is against the Cowboys at modern AT&T Stadium. If Arizona can beat the lone star team, they could be ranked as the best away team in NFL history by ending the year 9-0.

While the Packers and Buccaneers are unbeaten at home this season, the 2021 season will be remembered for the fading away in home court advantages, a feature that is as old as the game itself.

Until before the start of Week 13, locals and visitors go: 89-89-1.

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Uncomfortable visitor; the Cardinals are undefeated on the road