The war between the worlds of the Super Bowl 2022

It’s time to play. The days are over. Speculation with candidates or stars is over. Tonight (00:30), Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals fight for victory in the most watched game of the year. The Super Bowl LVI, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood (California), to decide the 2021-22 NFL champion ring. A war between worlds to succeed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of recently retired Tom Brady.

Because it is a fight between different dimensions of American football. On one side of the scale are the locals, Los Angeles Rams, who combined a prodigious defense with a risky bet in attack to shine. For another, some Bengals for which not even the most daring bet in the first weeks of the course.

The Los Angeles franchise saw a year like its old quarterback, Jared Goff, He did not have the quality to command at the highest level. They had reached a final with him, but he was sent to Detroit in exchange for Matthew Stafford. Draft number 1 in 2009, but a player never seen at important heights of the season. Successful movement, because the one of Florida touch the glory

The most important reason has been to uncover his arm and link it to the abilities of cooper kupp. The ‘10‘, named as the best offensive player of the year, is a receiver on the rise and signs the triple crown: more touchdowns, more receptions and more receiving yards. A system in itself, by the routes that he is able to run to unblock attacks. That’s right, his connection to Stafford has dangers, such as quarterback with the balls that he loses and end up in points of the rival. In that aspect, he is the one that happens the most in the league.

The young Bengals

On the other hand, at very modern and very expensive SoFi the Bengals arrive. Eternally young, making believe a losing franchise par excellence (last year they only won four games) and based on boys who two years ago shared attacks at university. During all the Playoffsin which they have been measured at Raiders, Titans and ChiefsThey were able to lose all three games. And they all ended up winning. With pike, but also with a lesson in commitment throughout the hour of play.

Your best news is Joe Burrow. A quarterback of the 21st century, because, as in many other sports with their promises, it has not taken long to compete at the highest possible level. He is the player who gains the most yards in each one of the passes and he is together with Ja’Marr Chase an attack that has shown that without having a spectacular offensive line you can also win. “Work in silence” is his motto and phrase repeated ad nauseam in the previous one.

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It is because last season Burrow fell seriously injured. He blamed the ‘protectors” lack of forcefulness on him and asked Bengals surround him with good players. It was not, and Cincinnati signed -goes draft- to Chase. A success and the ‘1’ has become the great recipient of the future in the League.

Past and present

Burrow and his Bengals are the future. While Stafford It is part of the past that in 2021-22 they have returned to the spotlight. It is a ‘war between worlds’, as two different paths to success are measured. One immediate and fresh out of college, and another worked in the mud of the Detroit Lions and the defeats week after week also as a trend.

Still, Burrow and Stafford they fulfill a similar style of play. They are passers, fundamentally, and they have to rely on strong lines. In addition to defense, with names like Donald and Ramsey (Rams) or Hendrickson and Bates (Bengals). His game readings, strength to capture rivals and intelligence in the use of forces will be key.

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So there comes a superbowl unexpected, but deserved. It is a clash between veterans and investment against talented young people who still do not know what it is to make a long career in the NFL. The Champion’s Ring Tom Bradyin addition to all the symbolic weight that it entails, is at stake and the crown is looking for a new king. Rams or Bengals, Stafford or Burrow and Kupp or Chase. It’s time to move tab.

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The war between the worlds of the Super Bowl 2022