The ordeal of Sasha Attwood, Jack Grealish’s girlfriend: “I received 200 death threats a day”

Jack grealish He is one of the footballers who has been giving the most talk in recent months, and his future is still uncertain. The shadow of Manchester City It is turning out to be very long, and he does not seem to stop trying to sign the midfielder, something that has not sat very well with some British fans.

The hitherto player of the Aston Villa He was also one of the protagonists of the Eurocup 2020, where he reached the final. A moment in his life that he will not forget, but neither will his girlfriend, Sasha Attwood, who just confessed that he received chilling messages through his social networks.

The 25-year-old model met the footballer at Solihull’s school, West Mids, and since then she has not stopped supporting him on a day-to-day basis, keeping their relationship a secret. Now, Sasha has revealed through her channel Youtube who received numerous death threats during the Euro Cup: “He received 200 death threats a day. I’m not exaggerating when I say that. I received so many messages every day. I still get them now, all day, every day“.

In fact, he has chosen to bring to light some of these messages that he has received in recent days: “They sent me messages like: ‘I hope you have cancer and you die’ or ‘I hope your whole family dies.’ “They say: ‘I hope the next time you are in the car you crash and die, I hope that after Wembley you die,” he added.

The British model has received the threats through social networks such as Instagram and TikTok, and qualifies them as “toxic”. “Things have obviously blown up with the Euro, but I never thought in a million years that it would be this bad. I’m amazed at how unpleasant people can be for no reason“, has pointed out.

For Sasha Attwood, these messages have pushed the limits of her mental strength: “I have always been quite a strong person, I have always been very good at blocking people’s opinions. But this is a completely different level. It’s crazy. They are unpleasant messages about my appearance, people’s opinions … What are you all doing? It is shameful“.

Most of the messages are from young girls

“You hear people talk about ‘trolling,’ but I’ve never realized how bad it really is. What is scary is that they are young girls. I went to the accounts of these girls who have sent me these things and are 13 or 14 years old. It is very sad. I try to attribute it to age, but then I think that when I was that age I never sent a message like that. I think that social networks are very toxic, and it is really sad that these generations have grown up thinking that it is okay to say things like that, “he revealed.

“It was a shitty moment, actually It was horrible, and I was feeling anxious … It was not pleasant at all. I didn’t ask for any of this, I didn’t ask for anything to be published, but it’s there, isn’t it? And I’m going to move on as normal, “added the model.

Instagram and TikTok take action

After these revealing messages, from Instagram and TikTok have decided to take action. In the case of the social network of photographs, they have assured that they have initiated an investigation into these comments. “We have strict rules against bullying and harassment on Instagram, and violent threats are completely unacceptable. We understand how distressing this is for Sasha and for those who have experienced similar abuse, and we are investigating,” he said, also referring to the case. similar that suffered Alice Campello, the woman of Alvaro Morata.

“As direct messages are private spaces, we encourage those who receive messages like these to report them so that we can take action,” they added.

For its part, TikTok has confirmed that it has removed all offensive comments that the Grealish couple have received, adding that the behavior of these users is unacceptable, and encouraging them to report any behavior that violates their code.