Power Rankings: Week 15; Tom Brady returns to a familiar place: the top of the NFL

With the Rams’ victory over the Cardinals on Monday Night that closed Week 14, the NFL he crossed his game 205 of the 272 on the regular schedule, meaning 75 percent of the season is already in the record books.

The 17-game marathon that each team must go through in the “greatest season of all” enters its final part where the contestants are separated from the contestants in the search for the postseason sites.

Starting this weekend breaks are over. Teams without games are things of the past.

Week 14 left a mix of authoritative wins, slate surprises and tight scores.

So far 28 games have been decided by a touchdown or a field goal on the last play of the season, the most of all time at this point in the campaign.. Like a familiar scene, Tom Brady returned to throw a winning touchdown pass to propel the Buccaneers’ trip as they string together four wins in a row. Tampa Bay begins. play their best football in the month they need to play better and that takes them to the top of the US AS rankings.

1.- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-3)

Last week: 2

Despite blowing a 21-point lead at halftime, the reigning Super Bowl champs won their fourth straight game to retain a four-game lead over New Orleans in the NFC South.

2.- Kansas City Chiefs (9-4)

Last week: 4

The Chiefs dominated the Raiders for their sixth straight win. The AFC champs want to repeat their third straight trip to the Super Bowl and are currently hot thanks to a substantial improvement in their defense.

3.- New England Patriots (9-4)

Last week: 3

Bye week for Bill Belichick’s guys who watched from home as Tom Brady somehow continues to play for them by defeating Buffalo and making New England’s path to the SB easier.

4.- Green Bay Packers (10-3)

Last week: 5

The Packers trailed 27-21 at halftime to the Bears, but they scored the first 24 points of the second half and put the oldest rivalry in the NFL in its place. This team, thought to be over in Week 1, is a wide contender in the NFC.

5.- Arizona Cardinals (10-3)

Last week: 1

They missed the opportunity to secure a postseason spot and become the first NFL team to earn a spot on the honor roll. The Cards are not as strong at home as they are on the road and that should worry the coaching staff heading into the postseason.

6.- Los Angeles Rams (9-4)

Last week: 7

Despite suffering a coronavirus outbreak that left several players out of Monday Night, the Rams defeated the Cardinals on the road to narrow the fight in the NFC West.

7.- Dallas Cowboys (9-4)

Last week: 8

The Cowboys gained an advantage in the fight for the NFC East with a victory over Washington Football Team that was pushed by a large lead in the first half that their defense achieved. Dallas forced four turnovers and had five sacks.

8.- Tennessee Titans (8-4)

Last week: 9

Coach Mike Vrabel cares little about how you win but only the fact that you win. The Titans are still on the road to victory although against Jaguars there are few aspects that can be highlighted by the low level of the rival.

9.- Los Angeles Chargers (8-5)

Last week: 10

Justin Herbert threw 275 yards and three touchdowns in the win over the Giants. The Chargers improved to 8-5 and are one game behind the Kansas City Chiefs heading into Thursday night’s crucial game.

10.- San Francisco 49ers (7-6)

Last week: 15

The 49ers are currently the sixth seed in the NFC career thanks to a road win over Cincinnati. They are in the postseason race.

11.- Baltimore Ravens (8-5)

Last week: 6

The Ravens are plagued with injuries, although that is never good news, the alarm situation increases when casualties are in December and starting quarterback Lamar Jackson leaves the field assisted by medical personnel.

12.- Buffalo Bills (7-6)

Last week: 10

In the first half against the Buccaneers, the Bills looked like the old mediocre team of the early 2000s. The third and fourth quarters were different in attitude and execution, but they are still a team connected to misfortune.

13.- Indianapolis Colts (7-6)

Last week: 13

They took vacation days in the last week off. And it’s good for the Colts that on Saturday night they face off against the Patriots, the best team in the AFC.

14.- Cincinnati Bengals (7-6)

Last week: 12

The Bengals made mistakes and missed an opportunity to take advantage of losses to AFC North rivals Baltimore and Pittsburgh this week.

15.- Cleveland Browns (7-6)

Last week: 18

Baker Mayfield threw two touchdown passes as the Browns remain in the middle of the AFC playoff race.

16.- Miami Dolphins (6-7)

Last week: 16

In the midst of a hot streak, the Dolphins had a bye week.

17.- Pittsburgh Steelers (6-6-1)

Last week: 14

How cold the Steelers defense entered the game against Vikings cost them defeat.

18.- Denver Broncos (7-6)

Last week: 19

The Broncos honored Demaryius Thomas with a win over the Lions

19.- Washington Football Team (6-7)

Last week: 18

This team, though it lost to the Cowboys, is clinging to its postseason hopes. Taylor Heinicke is a quarterback who with the three Bs: good, nice and cheap.

20.- Philadelphia Eagles (6-7)

Last week: 20

The Eagles took a week off to regroup

21.- Atlanta Falcons (6-7)

Last week: 21

The Falcons keep their postseason aspirations alive, thanks to a win over Carolina.

22.- Minnesota Vikings (6-7)

Last week: 23

They had a 29-point lead over the Steelers that faded. The good thing for Vikings is that they are not so bad at letting go of something so good.

23.-Seattle Seahawks (5-8)

Last week: 24

Russell Wilson threw for 260 yards and two touchdowns to help the Seahawks win consecutive games for the first time this season.

24.- Las Vegas Raiders (6-7)

Last week: 21

The Raiders must win before they want to taunt an opponent. They were crushed by the Chiefs.

25.- New Orleans Saints (6-7)

Last week: 28

Alvin Kamara rushed for 120 yards and a touchdown to break the Saints’ five-game losing streak. The bad news is that it was against the Jets.

26.- New York Giants (4-9)

Last week: 25

If at some point in the campaign they lifted their fans from their seats, it is time for them to take their favorite chair because it is all over. New York has lost three of its last four games.

27.- Chicago Bears (4-9)

Last week: 26

In recent memory we can say that the Bears were competitive against the Packers; however let’s not forget that they have lost seven of the last eight games.

28.- Carolina Panthers (5-8)

Last week: 27

Cam Newton lost his third straight start since re-signing with Carolina. He ran for a 12-yard touchdown on Carolina’s first possession, but delivered the ball twice

29.- New York Jets (3-10)

Last week: 29

This team has given its fans few emotions, the worst thing is that this trend will continue for a while longer.

30.- Texans Houston (2-11)

Last week: 30

It doesn’t matter who they quarterback, the team is very limited on both sides of the ball. They are in the worst season in franchise history.

31.- Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11)

Last week: 31

They were defeated by the Titans in a shutout that increases the crisis of the team that adds five losses in a row.

32.- Detroit Lions (1-11-1)

Last week: 32

The Lions are a graceful organization to decline a late-game penalty from the Broncos who honored Demaryius Thomas, but unfortunately for their fans, they are also a losing team.

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Power Rankings: Week 15; Tom Brady returns to a familiar place: the top of the NFL