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In Week 15 of the NFL, the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, Teddy bridgewater, set off the alarms after having suffered a very strong blow to the head during the match against the Cincinnati Bengals. In the third quarter, the player tried to run on a second play, throwing himself and hitting the leg. This caused him to land on his head at the 30 yard, where he fell unconscious.

Thus, Bridgewater had to be treated by the doctors of the Broncos and left the field immobilized. He was then transferred to a hospital to undergo some tests. Later, the quarterback had movement in his limbs and the coach, Vic Fangio, said that he had to be hospitalized overnight under observation. This Monday, he was discharged.

Teddy was released by ambulance Sunday after being knocked unconscious from a third-quarter carry in a 15-10 loss to the Los Cincinnati Bengals. DT added: “I just spoke to him a few minutes ago. He was discharged, he is at home, resting comfortably. It sounded a lot better this morning than it was last night. Last night he sounded really tired. This morning, I just spoke to him, he sounded much better. “

In turn, Fangio expressed that it is “very unlikely” that Bridgewater play on sunday against Las vegas raiders, but that, at least for now, the Broncos They are not considering putting him on injured reserve for the final three weeks of the season. Denver will have two remaining matches after the next one in Las Vegas, on January 2 visiting Los Angeles Chargers and on January 9, receiving the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bridgewater’s injury in the NFL

The hard injury of Bridgewater It happened after he ran on the ground on a play of second-and-5 at Denver’s 30-yard line when he was hit in the leg by the Los Angeles linebacker. Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Bachie. Teddy was thrown after the blow and landed on his head, lying motionless on the field. Quickly the medical personnel entered the field to treat him.

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NFL upheaval: Teddy Bridgewater’s injury hits the league – The Intranews