NFL: Smells like revenge! The Chiefs visit the Buccaneers, their Super Bowl LV executioners

In the 2020/2021 NFL season, in the superbowl LV edition, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers they beat the favorites Kansas City Chiefswith a final score of 31-9, showing a total control of the actions of the match.

Today, at 6:20 p.m. Pacific time, both teams meet again at the Raymond James Stadiumhome of the Bucs where they were crowned in 2021 against the Chiefs, and where this afternoon Kansas City will try to reverse the roles, in a match that smells of revenge.

Right now, as teams, the 2 are going through similar moments, reaching week 4 with a loss, the Chiefs come from losing surprisingly against the Indianapolis, while the Bucs against the Green Bay Packers, both with a record of 2 wins and a loss .

The stars

patrick mahomesthe Chiefs’ star quarterback, has 857 passing yards, ninth in the NFL, with 8 touchdown passes, tied for third on the gridirons with an interception, and a 112.1 passer rating, second best in the entire league.

As for the considered best player of all time, Tom Brady, a living legend, although his team has 2 wins and a loss, they are not going through their best moment, including the quarterback, who only has 3 touchdown passes, an interception , 673 passing yards, and 89.2 passer rating.

Tom Brady seeks to rebuild the path with the Buccaneers. Photo: AFP

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Travis Kelce has been the best passing ally for Mahomes in the Chiefs, with 230 receiving yards, with 2 touchdowns, while the good news for Brady and the Buccaneers is that they get their best wide receiver back, Mike Evans, who missed week 3 due to excessive use of force. Evans has 132 yards in 2 games with 2 touchdowns.

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NFL: Smells like revenge! The Chiefs visit the Buccaneers, their Super Bowl LV executioners