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there have been many WWE news that have stood out as more and more stars are making their re-debut on the WWE Raw red mark. The creative chief himself has no problem introducing fighters who have not been present for several months on television.

Dexter Lumis on his origin

During a recent appearance on MCW Backstage Pass the WWE superstar spoke about the origins of his name in the ring and the franchises that eventually led to him becoming Dexter Lumis. One of the fighters who has managed to get the most reaction from the public analyzes his career to the point of being a mysterious fighter.

“It’s just, hey, you get an email and it’s like, hey, send us five names. Everything but its own name and intellectual property. So basically, he didn’t have the name ‘Dexter Lumis’ initially. He had it on the list. I don’t even know if it was Dexter Lumis, it may have been like ‘Dexter Shawshank’ or something. But the writers seemed to like ‘Dexter Lumis’. Lumis was a play on Dr. ‘Loomis’ from Halloween, we just wrote it differently for trademark reasons and whatnot. So I was always a huge fan of the horror movie genre. ‘Halloween’ is one of my favorite horror movies from the ’70s, early ’80s. Dr. Loomis, Sam Loomis, that was the guy I based that name off of, and Dexter obviously is the famous TV show, the vigilante serial killer who kills bad people,” he said.

On April 29, his departure from WWE took place to have a three-month period in which he could not sign with another company. Many criticized the company’s movement, and it was not until August when he made his appearance in WWE to attack Miz himself on a weekly basis.

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Dexter Lumis talks about his origins in WWE – Planeta Wrestling