Mexico and a 17-year struggle against the cry that can leave it without a World Cup

For 17 years, Mexico has been facing how to stop the homophobic cry that has cost it fines and now threatens to lose points and the 2026 World Cup venue

Mexican soccer has been looking for 17 years to stop a cry that emanated in the Jalisco stadium and that at the Mexican Soccer Federation It has cost him financial and sports fines from FIFA, but now threatens to lose the World Cup venue in 2026 and the participation in Qatar 2022.

It all started during the Concacaf Pre-Olympic towards the 2004 Athens Olympic Games and it was precisely the same tournament but for Tokyo 2020, the penalties increased and are a danger for Mexican soccer.

On ESPN Digital we present to you the moments that have marked the homophobic scream in Mexican soccer and how it has affected the Mexican team.

Origin of the Scream – 2004

In that final of the Concacaf Pre-Olympic, held in Guadalajara, the Mexican national team won 4-0 against the United States, so in addition to the win, it will be remembered as the day that the cry originated that has serious problems for the Mexican Soccer Federation.

Before the jubilation of the win given by the Mexican national team, the cry began to be felt throughout the match, which is why it was adopted by Guadalajara teams and was later replicated with the different teams and stadiums of Mexican soccer.

FIFA opens investigation vs Mexico – 2014

After 10 years in which the cry sounded in some Mexican soccer matches, in addition to the matches of the Mexican teamIt was not until the 2014 World Cup in Brazil that FIFA decided to act, after the event was reported and an investigation procedure was opened, after the controversial shout was used in the Mexico vs Brazil game.

First fine – 2015

After the FIFA Ruling Committee classified the I scream like homophobic and unsportsmanlike, according to the Disciplinary Article 67 of the International Federation, the Mexican national team received a fine of $ 395,000 pesos, after the scream was presented in the duel against its counterpart from El Salvador on the Azteca Stadium field.

Mexico accumulates sanctions -2016

In May, FIFA notified another fine of 650 thousand pesos, after the eliminatory matches against Canada; Similarly, in September another fine for $ 30,000 arrived, after the match against his counterpart from Honduras in the fourth phase of the tie.

As if that were not enough, in the month of November, the Mexican Soccer Federation received two fines with a total of 470 thousand pesos, after the shout was present in the duels against the United States and Panama.

Close to veto -2017

In March 2017, the Disciplinary Commission fined the FMF 190 thousand pesos, after the shouts against the Costa Rican goalkeeper, a situation that kept the Mexican leaders alert; However, for the month of July, another fine for 360 thousand pesos was presented again, after the matches against the United States, Honduras and Panama, duels that were played on the Azteca Stadium field, a situation that almost caused the veto of the Colossus of Santa Úrsula from the World Cup qualifying round.

Confederations Cup -2017

At the start of the Confederations Cup, in June 2017, FIFA decided to implement three steps to eradicate the scream: in the first instance, the attention of fans would be drawn to the local sound of the stadium if the scream was presented; The second step was to stop the game until the fans stopped screaming, and as a last step the referee would leave the field of play with the players.

In the same way, FIFA placed observers of conduct in the stadiums, so that the fan who was surprised would end up being expelled, a situation that was decisive and in the duel against New Zealand, where two Mexican supporters were expelled and helped to control the shout in the fans present.

World Cup Russia – 2018

After the victory of the Mexican team against Germany, FIFA opened a disciplinary investigation procedure against Mexico for the homophobic and unsportsmanlike expressions in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, which is why the FMF later received a fine of 204 thousand pesos for the shout in the debut of the Mexican National Team in Russia.

Liga MX, first game suspended – 2020

The Jalisco stadium was vetoed with a match, after the referee applied the four steps of the protocol when the discriminatory shout against the goalkeepers appeared and the fans of the Rojinegros did not heed the warnings, in the duel between Atlas and Puebla, reason for which the building of the Foxes became the first stadium that closed in a game for this reason.

Concacaf pre-Olympic – 2021

The Jalisco stadium received the Mexican team Sub-23 to look for the ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The building was once again the venue for the tournament 17 years later, and despite the reduced public in the stands due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the homophobic scream was heard in two games against the Dominican Republic and the United States.

Economic and sports fine – 2021

The Mexican team she was fined almost 1.5 million pesos and two official games behind closed doors, for the discriminatory cry that was heard during two games in the Concacaf Pre-Olympic, which was organized in Guadalajara, Jalisco; In addition, another investigation has already been opened against the FMF, due to the discriminatory shout, and that could lead to the reduction of points in the tie, after the expressions of fans during the finals of the Concacaf Nations League.

Risk of losing headquarters in 2026 – 2021

The president of the Mexican Soccer Federation, Yon de Luisa, recognized that the venue for the 2026 World Cup, which Mexico will share with the United States and Canada, is at risk, due to the homophobic scream, which has led to FIFA sanctions against the Mexican team.

“There is a great risk [de perder la sede del 2026]If it does not end now, how is it possible that we want to host a World Cup, if we are going to have empty stadiums, this has to end and now, at this moment, “Yon de Luisa said at a press conference.