MLB News: Yankees struggle and there is no way to get rid of former MVP outfielder and third baseman

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The New York Yankees have been unable to find buyers for third baseman Josh Donaldson and outfielder Aaron Hicks. Former MVP veteran Donaldson played great third base in the Bronx, but his patented bat speed is a question at 37 years of age. Donaldson’s presence and pay were one of the reasons why Carlos Correa … Read more

The struggle of a great South American to have a stadium: now baseball stole it

1642002427 The struggle of a great South American to have a

Going to your team’s stadium every weekend becomes a ritual. The court, is that it houses the club of all your life, takes the place of a second home: the one in which you know all the corners, the shortcuts, the secret corridors. Above all, the one you feel as your own. As if a … Read more

Ángel Garza launches strong criticism of the extreme struggle | Superfights

Lucha Extrema

Within wrestling there are different modalities, which attract different types of fans, being the extreme fight or deathmatch the most controversial of all. In many moments, several fighters have demonstrated against its practice, due to the excess of blood, violence and punishment towards the bodies of his companions; for gladiators often do unthinkable things in … Read more