Lamar Jackson, with a spectacular start to the season

BALTIMORE (AP) – Every time the Baltimore Ravens show a new deficit or lose another player to injury, it seems Lamar Jackson starts to play even better.

Jackson has been everything the Ravens have needed so far this season. And that was clearer than ever Monday night against Indianapolis, when he threw for a franchise-record 442 yards and four touchdown passes.

The Ravens prevailed in overtime 31-25. Eventually Baltimore’s offense was contained to less than 100 yards on the ground, and the team’s receiving corps lost Sammy Watkins with a hamstring injury.

Baltimore needed Jackson to play MVP, and he did.

“He’s always growing, getting better,” Ravens tight end Mark Andrews said. ball in the right place. “

Jackson’s 442 yards surpassed his career-best record by 118. In fact, three of his best four performances in passing yards have occurred in the past three games.

This season, Jackson is fifth in the NFL in passing yards and has been passing to rush more than 1,000 yards for the third year in a row.

Last season, the Ravens were the best in the league in rushing and were last by passing. Now they are fourth on the ground and sixth on the pass.


What’s remarkable about Jackson’s good pass numbers is that he hasn’t had anywhere near the expected help. The Ravens drafted Rashod Bateman in the first round, but he has not played due to groin problems. They also acquired Watkins, who was injured Monday.


It was a tough night for the Baltimore secondary, particularly corner Anthony Averett, who was constantly challenged by the Colts. Tavon Young had a sack, but he also committed an absurd personal foul in the final seconds of regular time, which left Indianapolis in position to attempt a field goal, which was fortunately missed by the Ravens.

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