Kansas City Chiefs vs Las Vegas Raiders LIVE today (7-0) | 11/14/2021

7:54 PM3 minutes ago

End of the first quarter

Chiefs 7-0 Raiders.

7:54 PM4 minutes ago

1Q 00:30

The play was reviewed and the Raiders recovered the ball in midfield.

7:50 PM7 minutes ago

1Q 01:01

Richard with the short reception and the Raiders three and out. To clear.

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7:43 PM14 minutes ago

1Q 02:52

7:41 PM16 minutes ago

1Q 05:23

Kelce with the front desk and Kansas is already in the red zone.

7:40 PM17 minutes ago

1Q 06:00

Williams breaks tackles on screen pass play and advances more than 20 yards.

7:39 PM18 minutes ago

1Q 06:41

Kelce with the reception to move the chains for the second time that night.

7:36 PM21 minutes ago

1Q 07:57

Williams with the reception to advance a few yards and move the chains.

7:33 PM24 minutes ago

1Q 08:36

The Raiders were going to play it in fourth, but a punishment forces them to clear and box the Chiefs.

8:30 PM27 minutes ago

1Q 09:06

Jacobs stays within inches at the reception and will be fourth down.

7:28 PM29 minutes ago

1Q 11:01

Jacobs with the pitch to move the chains for the first time in the game.

7:26 PM31 minutes ago

1Q 13:01

McKinnon with the short pass that stays away from the mark and Kansas City three and out. To clear.

7:22 PM35 minutes ago

1Q 15:00

Starts the match. Chiefs on offense.

7:15 PM42 minutes ago


In a few minutes the actions will begin from Allegiant Stadium with the divisional clash between the Chiefs and the Raiders, on Sunday Night Football.

8:11 PM an hour ago

There is support

8:06 PM an hour ago

The rematch will come fast

The winner of this game will not be able to savor their victory much, as these two teams will meet again in three weeks, on December 12, but at Arrohwead Stadium where freezing weather is sure to await them.

8:01 PM an hour ago

Good numbers

Derek Carr has had good numbers so far this 2021 NFL season completing 67.3% of his passes for 2,565 yards, 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

7:56 PM an hour ago

They already heat up

7:51 PM an hour ago

Good attitude

7:46 PM an hour ago

Raiders casualties

7:41 PM an hour ago

Missing Kansas City

7:36 PM an hour ago

Avoid errors

Derek Carr’s two interceptions, including one for pick six, were key to seeing the Giants’ home loss, a situation they must avoid tonight if they want to come out with victory and regain the divisional lead.

7:31 PM an hour ago

Improve and win

The Chiefs have two victories in a row but they have not convinced, although the defense has improved, the attack has had many problems and it has not been like the one in years past when they reached the Super Bowl.

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We started

Great game in the AFC West when Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs visit Derek Carr’s Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday Night Football. We start with the coverage of the game.

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Do not take off from here to follow the Kansas City Chiefs vs Las Vegas Raiders live of the 2021 NFL season

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups of the Kansas City Chiefs vs Las Vegas Raiders live at Week 10 of the NFL season, plus the latest information from Allegiant Stadium. Do not miss details of the game with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.

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Where and how to watch Kansas City Chiefs vs Las Vegas Raiders online and live in NFL

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Watch out for this Las Vegas Raiders player

7:01 PM2 hours ago

Watch out for this Kansas City Chiefs player

5:56 PM2 hours ago

How are the Chiefs and Raiders doing in the 2021 season?

All teams in the AFC West division are tied for the top with five wins, although the difference is the number of losses as the Chiefs have four and the Raiders only three, recalling that the Red Arrow is still not resting.

5:51 PM2 hours ago

Las Vegas Raiders: Make No Mistakes

When it seemed that the Raiders had everything to stay at the top of the division, they took an unexpected loss at the Giants’ home, mainly due to the turnovers they had and that, against Kansas, they will have to avoid as a team. that capitalizes on those opportunities.

7:46 PM2 hours ago

Kansas City Chiefs: win or win

7:41 PM2 hours ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the broadcast of the match Kansas City Chiefs vs Las Vegas Raiders live, corresponding to Week 10 of the NFL season. The match will take place at the Allegiant Stadium at 7:20 p.m.


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Kansas City Chiefs vs Las Vegas Raiders LIVE today (7-0) | 11/14/2021