Jon Gruden’s world falls apart after leaving Las Vegas Raiders over racist sayings


After confirming his departure from the technical direction of the Nevada franchise, the coach has begun to lose many ties that he had during his time in the NFL.

Jon Gruden, former Las Vegas Raiders coach


© Getty ImagesJon Gruden, former Las Vegas Raiders coach

From one moment to the next, almost without imagining it, the world has fallen on Jon gruden, after leaving the technical direction of Las vegas raiders, after revealing emails of a racist, homophobic and misogynistic nature, while working as an analyst for the National Football League (NFL) In the chain ESPN.

It is that after knowing the details of these sayings, the strategist has not only lost his job, involving a significant sum of money that had been agreed with the Nevada franchise, but instead advertising contracts and taxes have been dropped he had for his sporting achievements.

But let’s go by part. In 2018, Gruden had signed a historic 10-year contract with the Raiders., with a total salary of $ 100 million, a figure not less if we consider that for commenting on NFL games on ESPN, he received per year about $ 6.5 million. From his contract, he only received little more than $ 30 million.

Jon Gruden loses contracts and tributes in NFL because of racists

It is not the only thing in monetary matters that you will stop perceiving, since the sports brand Skechers announced the end of the agreement that linked him to the strategist, noting in a statement that “Upon learning of this news, we immediately terminated Mr. Gruden’s endorsement agreement and our affiliation with him.”.

In addition to all of the above, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, team where he won the Super Bowl XXXVII, in 2003, and where he directed for six seasons, has removed him from Ring of Honor, in tribute to those who made history in the team, warning that “your actions go against our core values ​​as an organization”.

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