Vinicius, ignored by Tite

Vinicius’ balloon in this 2021-22 season, which had started very inflated and flying high thanks to his five goals in the first five days of LaLiga, He had already been losing steam in recent weeks and has finished playing in his call with Brazil, where not only is he not having the leading role he expected, but he saw how Tite did not even consider him eligible for the duel against Colombia (0- 0); he watched the match from the stands of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Stadium.

A jug of cold water for Vinicius that has surprised him a lot, they transfer to AS sources from his close environment; the player does not quite understand that he does not have a place even in a summons of 23 names. In the previous duel of this break, against Venezuela, he did not start, but he did enjoy half an hour in the second half. Tite had been showing a certain confidence in Vinicius in recent times, hence the footballer is out of place.

Vinicius has been a permanent fixture in Brazil’s calls since November 2020; He had already debuted in September 2019, after his good 2018-19 season with Madrid, but then he stopped being called. Tite seemed to be testing formulas to fit him in, although it is clear that the coach does not finish entering the eye: he has played seven games with the canarinha, of which he only started once, and that day he was substituted at halftime. He has not yet been able to score or assist with the Brazil shirt, although he barely accumulates 152 minutes with it.

Bad for Vinicius, good for Madrid

Vinicius had and still has an important faith in playing a decisive role with Brazil; He has been going to the lower categories for a long time, where he has already made his mark. Especially in the U-17, where he shone scoring 12 goals and giving two assists in 14 games and winning the South American U-17 Championship. disputed in Chile. His time in the U-20 was ephemeral, as he soon settled in the Absolute, at the age of 21 that he counts today. But this break has meant a setback in the progression that he expected to have. Tite seems to have more interest now in Ajax winger Antony, also 21 years old.

In Real Madrid they have not received any communication from the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) explaining that Vinicius has an injury; the Brazilian will be one of those who will return later, as he has a game on Friday against Valverde’s Uruguay. The kilometers are no longer taken away from anyone, but at least Madrid will receive the most rested player to play what lies ahead, which is demanding: Shakhtar, Barcelona, ​​Osasuna, Elche, Shakhtar again and Rayo, before the break in November.