Is Deshaun Watson going to bail out these struggling Browns?

after announcing the suspension of QB Deshaun Watsonno one said it would be easy for Brown’s, but they were expected to do better than shown so far. In the first six weeks of the campaign, the team barely has two wins and right now it seems difficult for them to get another. Looking at the big picture, is it impossible for them to take off soon or deshaun watson will be your savior? Let’s check it out.

A strange reconstruction in the Browns

The arrival of QB Deshaun Watson always had a huge element of desperation, leading the Browns to pay him a guaranteed $230 million and dump a lot of NFL Draft capital in the process. However, this happened in the midst of an obvious rebuilding of the team, which was still not one QB away from winning it all in the AFC and NFL.

The handling by GM Andrew Berry has been disastrous, because they have even reserved 34,244,543 USD in the salary space of 2022 without being clear how to use it until now, although the shortcomings of the roster are notable (especially defensively). On the other hand, with the limited amount of picks available at the moment, it is also not an option to spend that money on trades before the limit in a few weeks.

Overall, it’s been such awful planning, they really have their backs against the wall with elements that others would have put better to use. Unfortunately, things do not improve in other areas of the organization to take advantage of what is at hand.

Patience is no longer a virtue with Kevin Stefanski

After the unexpected success of the 2020 NFL season, many saw in the head coach Kevin Stefanski to a new promise of the position, but he has only been in charge of demonstrating how wrong they were: from 2021 his winning record is 10-13, after an 11-5 first season with the franchise. There is a problem and, in a last resort, they are trying to make it up with a single player this season.

Part of the decline not only corresponds to what he has done on the field, but also to his lack of key decisions as a result of his exaggerated patience for a staff without urgency for better results. Quite the contrary, being the defensive the best example of the above.

Thus, coordinator Joe Woods has been expendable since last season, but for some reason he remains in his position; and in a league where the average points scored per game went down from 23.0 to 21.6 in 2022, the Browns’ defense is allowing 27.2 per game this year, crucially affecting the performance of the entire team. Clearly, this loyalty has backfired.

At the end of the day, his stubbornness is costing the team dearly and it could be the beginning of the end for the coach, who is more than willing to walk away before making any significant corrections. If so, it is fair to reflect on whether the same loyalty will be appreciated by their superiors, since there is no doubt that they need to recover the investment at any cost, which is debatable.

The Deshaun Watson Comeback Fallacy

At this point, and given the difference in talent versus results, the Browns must be one of the most disappointing teams this season. Other than QB Deshaun Watson and DE Myles Garrett, it’s hard to find true stars who weigh in.

Still, many pundits overestimated their talent as a team, and there was no shortage of those who put them up as contenders in the AFC. The reality is that there are no elements that say that they are at the level of any other contender or that they have any QB well surrounded for success; instead, it’s about a team that doesn’t have the talent to beat the following QBs:

  • Joe Flacco
  • Marcus Mariota
  • Bailey Zappe

Consequently, the tests do not refer to a rival to beat, but rather, to one that has a hard time matching the average of its own conference. So, additionally, they suggest that they are not here to beat the following rivals before Deshaun Watson’s debut:

  • ravens
  • Bengals
  • dolphins
  • Bills
  • Buccaneers

As a result, they seem to be closer to reverting to the old habit of being a run-of-the-mill team and fighting to get past 8 wins, than taking advantage of their last chance to break through when they have their megastar on the field. And seeing that they have had to sell even their souls for this, earning the rejection of several at the same time, it is appropriate to ask: and all for what?

Or you guys, what do you think, can you turn this season around? We look forward to your feedback below this article or through our social media posts.

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Is Deshaun Watson going to bail out these struggling Browns?