LVBP: How much money is needed to go to the Universitario stadium?

The long-awaited voice of play ball sounded this Saturday in four cities in the country.

In the college stadiumthe fans must coordinate their finances very well if they want to enjoy an afternoon of baseball in the capital, since it will not be cheap at all.

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On a tour of Meridiano, it was possible to verify the great variety that there will be in terms of gastronomic options.

The inevitable tequeños vary between $3 and $6, while the different snacks range from $2 to $4. For sweet lovers, there is the option of ice cream popsicles which, depending on their flavor, cost between $2 and $4.

The traditional arepas, this season, will have two prices: $5 with a single contour and $6 the mixed one. The hot dogs are located at $2 for a single and $4 for a special, making it one of the cheapest options when choosing to eat at the stadium.

This season there will be several options of hamburgers and pepitos, which will vary in price between $4 and $10. One of the stores even has a promotion of two pepitos for $10. The Shawarmas will also say presents and their costs range from $5 to $10.

One of the novelties this year will be the sale of broaster chicken, which will cost from $7 for two pieces to $10 for five. There will also be Nuggets for the little ones, priced at $4.

As for drinks, the popular sparkling alcoholic beverage will cost $1 as will soft drinks. Iced teas and energy drinks will be priced at $2. Malt is the cheapest option, which will have a two for $1 promotion.

to round the figures

Bearing in mind that ticket prices for the games of the Caracas Lions they range from $2.91 for the cheapest (stands) to $38.94 for the most expensive (ground box); the middle ground would be the box seats which cost $14.56. How much money does a family of 4 members need to attend a ball game at Universitario?

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In a hypothetical case in which said family decides to consume a hot dog each, with its respective soft drink, they would need to pay $12, which is added to the $58.24 they need to pay for the four tickets in the box area, which would give a total of 70.24 to this must be added the price of parking which has a single rate of 5$, which raises the budget to 75.24$.

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LVBP: How much money is needed to go to the Universitario stadium?