Flag: Exciting semifinals in Mini Flag Kiwanis Football League


12/17/2021 – 12:45 PM

The American Football League organized by the Kiwanis Club of Panama has defined semifinalist keys for the championship of the 2021 season in the Mini Flag Female modality (10 to 12 years old).

The COPA Airlines Field, located in the Sports Center sports complex in Costa del Este, will be the scene next Saturday, December 18, of the expected show to the delight of the fans with the best representations that took action in five intense days of the regular season .

According to Romeo Coronado, commissioner of the Kiwanis Football League (KFL), all qualified teams have the level to be crowned champions. They present offensive and defensive skills in search of staying with the highest honors, for this purpose they will have enough time to establish defined strategies.

The Women’s Flag Mini division features the following sudden death pairings; the undefeated Brader Raiders vs. Kiwanis Kolts and Fighting Owls from the Interamerican Academy of Panama vs. Mighty Eagles from El Colegio de Panama.

The girls dressed in black and silver walked calmly without knowing defeat in the previous stage, however, in the last match of the calendar they achieved a narrow victory over representative black with yellow by a score of 12 to 6. While AIP tightly defeated the powerful eagles per blackboard from 2 to 0.

According to experts, both playoff games have an early finals stamp due to the talent shown by each of the players. Although they consider reserved forecast results, they will surely be high intensity semifinals.

The Kiwanis American Football League is the only one outside the United States that has more than 100 coaches certified by USA FOOTBALL, under the endorsement of the NFL, the regulator of youth sports in the United States.



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Flag: Exciting semifinals in Mini Flag Kiwanis Football League