Egypt gives us a stick

Egypt gives us a stick


07/22/2021 –

ANDn Sapporo, talisman place for Spain since in 1972 Paquito Fernndez Ochoa will achieve the first medal in about Winter Olympics, the national team could not imitate the genius of Cercedilla with his slalom and ended up stumbling before the sticks imposed by the Egyptians. Those of Luis de la Fuente They debuted with a draw in a match that could be decided with a header from Rafa mir with three minutes remaining.

It didn’t have an easy start Spain in these Olympic games. The illusion that had to start the competition suffered a severe blow in the first act of the match against Egypt in the form of injuries. Neither more nor less than that of Ceballos and of Mingueza. The Utreran after a very strong entry in the ankle that must have meant the red for Taher and the Catalan for a muscular problem when cutting the counter Egypt.

Until the injuries came- later too, the truth- Spain he was the owner and lord of the party. He minimized any against an African team that practically gave up playing and only saw Unai Simn from a distance and had the ball in the opponent’s field.

Against a defense of five troops like the Egyptian, Luis de la Fuente I bet to leave without a clear point reference. This is how he earned European from Italy and that was the way to the porter of Elshenawy. But it was time to work, give speed to the leather and look for spaces. Ceballos it was the key for them. With walls and his characteristic technical gestures he surpassed the first line of Egypt, but more precision was needed to get to the area of ​​greatest danger.

Not on the right with Elm not even on the left with Asensio was Spain capable of generating scoring chances. Mingueza did something at the beginning, but nothing remarkable. With numerous helps Egypt cut all possible overflows from the highest class Spanish players and sent the entire game of Spain inside. Could regret Egypt of it, but the post avoided both Ceballos after a kick from outside the area.

If before the break the goal had been sought playing in a three-quarter field, in the second act we did not get there. The tough game of Egypt brought the Spanish team out during the first minutes and when they wanted to realize it, more than half of it had already elapsed.

Scheme change

With a very diminished physique and without generating chances, it was time to change the initial idea. Luis de la Fuente I opted for Rafa mir on point, Bryan on the left to give him balls and to usually do to oxygenate a spinal cord in which Merino suffer too much due to inactivity since April. The Navarrese had gained meters after the departure of Moncayola, but he also did not look into the rival area.

Soler got on the right foot and Bryan I managed to find Rafa mir Two minutes to go, but the Murcian header came out very focused and the Egyptian goalkeeper took the ball on the best occasion of the second act.

A possible victory thus disappeared in what was expected as the most complicated match for the technical team. The physicist at this point in the season diminishes too much the quality of some footballers that should appear as the championship progresses.


Egypt: Elshenawy; Eraky (Fouad 89 ‘), Hamdy, Hegazy, Osama G, Fotouh; Ashour (Hamdy 62 ‘), Akram; Taher (Adel), Rayan (Mohsen 62 ‘) and Ramadan Shobi (A Ramadan 90’ +).

Unai Simn; Mingueza (Vallejo 20 ‘), Eric, Pau Torres, Miranda; Mikel Merino (Soler 68 ‘), Pedri; Asensio (Bryan Gil), Ceballos (Moncayola 44 ‘), Oyarzabal (Rafa Mir 68’) and; Elm.

referee: Adham Makhadmeh (Jordanian) showed yellow to Ahmed 6 ‘, Taher 45’, Hegazy 79 ‘and Galal 89’