Hold on: deGrom is already throwing balls again

Hold on deGrom is already throwing balls again

Jacob deGrom, who returned to New York for treatment, was seen playing ball on flat ground at Los Angeles Stadium. Mets the Citi Field, which was captured today, Thursday, July 22, 2021, by the ballpark camera of MLB Network.

Today brought a positive sign for the Mets and the ace of your rotation pitching Jacob deGrom, who has not launched in MLB since July 7 2021, the next test for him will be to launch a session of bullpen.

And although it is currently unknown when it will be, the plan was that Jacob deGrom He will start throwing again once his tension has ceased. Due to the fact that the ball was seen thrown today, this could mean that he is getting closer to returning to the rotation of the Mets which only has three healthy headlines right now.

Jacob deGrom is eligible to be removed from the Injured List of MLB on Sunday, July 25, 2021, and the Mets Not only do they need a starter for that day, but they also need two more arms for their doubleheader on Monday, July 26, 2021, against the Braves.

Can Jacob deGrom make one of these outings?

That is not clear, but despite everything, the Mets they should get it back soon enough, as long as it remains pain free. Jacob deGrom The 33-year-old has had four separate injuries this season, all of which resulted from swinging the bat, according to deGrom.

But he does not believe that his latest ailment was caused by this. Jacob deGrom has dealt with pains on the right side, which forced him to go to the Injury List of MLB in may 2021along with right flexor tendonitis and right shoulder pain in June 2021.

The Mets will be wary of the precious arm of Jacob deGrombut they are hopeful that it can return to 100 percent in the near future.

With information from Pat Ragazzo.

Image by Adriana Gallardo @adrianapez in Instagram, follow her.