Carlos de los Cobos lost enthusiasm for El Salvador

Carlos de los Cobos came out of the process he was carrying out with the El Salvador National Team. Many wondered how he could leave the ship when he was nowhere near resuming his second cycle in the first round of World Cup Qualifiers and even money problems started to emerge. At the end of the day, the reason for the Mexican seems to have been simpler than previously thought.

De los Cobos conducted an interview with the TUDN sports network and in it he began to explain how the pandemic affected his decisions and also his love for being on the bench. It wasn’t just about the project or the money. In fact, it would be illogical to think that the issue was the sports part, since in this new stage it added a total of 15 victories in front of La Selecta.

“I feel like I lost my enthusiasm. It no longer represented the same to me, as when I started this second stage. I was no longer excited as I felt in the beginning“He mentioned during the contact.” (There were also) several factors: perhaps he did not have a very good relationship with the FESFUT and on the other hand the issue of the pandemic also has to do with it. At the beginning our participation was quite positive because we had frequent matches in the Nations League, friendly matches, the Gold Cup and others, but then the pandemic interrupted (everything) “.

The last game directed by De los Cobos was on the road when El Salvador drew against Montserrat in the first stage of the Qualifiers. for the Qatar World Cup 2022. His compensation ended up being 60 thousand dollars and the government controversy arose at the time, but, now, with Hugo Pérez at the helm, everything is projected to fight in the Octagonal Final for the ticket to the World.

How has El Salvador fared since De los Cobos left?

Hugo Pérez took his first professional position with El Salvador after having led the U23 in a good Pre-Olympic. His requirements for each microcycle called into question whether so much was needed for the projection of good football and the sport has so far rewarded him with a positive mark of four CONCACAF wins, a friendly draw and only one defeat.