Buffon, on Donnarumma: “He must aspire to the Ballon d’Or”

1626612573 Buffon on Donnarumma He must aspire to the Ballon dOr

Just a week ago, Italy conquered the second European Championship in its history. A) Yes, ended a 53-year drought, without being crowned as the kings of Europe. For sure, one of the main figures of the National was his goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma. So much so that, after stopping two penalties in the shootout against England, it was awarded as MVP of the tournament. Which, furthermore, was his first big event at the age of 22 (he debuted at 16 with Milan). Now, to the new great signing of PSG, there are already many who consider him a clear candidate for the Ballon d’Or.

One of its main defenders is its predecessor in the goal of the Azzurra, the legendary Gianluigi buffon. His namesake, who at 43 has signed for Parma in Serie B (recently released from Serie A), has raved about Donnarumma. In addition, it encourages him to go for more, not to settle, and to fight for everything. “He must aspire to the Ballon d’Or. When I was young they told me: ‘You can be the second best goalkeeper in history after Yashin’, to which I replied: ‘Why the second? Couldn’t I be the first? ‘ When you are young the goal is not to be satisfied, but to aim for the maximum. Gigio have to do this”, Declared Buffon in an interview with Sky Sports. “Gigio was very good, beyond the stops, which were decisive, he handled the games very well. They placed him a step above the rest of the goalkeepers ”, he added.

Also had words for the already considered historical duo Bonucci-Chiellini, the Praetorian Guard just ahead of Donnarumma. “They don’t surprise me. Leo and Giorgio are great references. Any team that wants to win needs experience, certainties and solidity ”, said the veteran Italian goalkeeper. Like he flattered the great architect of this triumph, Roberto Mancini. “He conveyed serenity to a group that came from bitter disappointments. Then he had a tactical idea, exploiting all the qualities of the boys, and he carried it to the end. In management, he was exceptional, ”Buffon pointed out.

On the other hand, Gigi talked about his new -and second- stage in Parma. It was the team with which he debuted at age 16 and left in 2001 to go to Turin to make history. Now, 20 years later, he has returned with the mission of helping the crociati to return to Serie A. One of the doubts was how the dressing room received a legend of the Calcium As the. “Perhaps for young people something strange to see a 43-year-old man and in this context. The ice broke on the second day, I am already experiencing a good atmosphere of friendship and positivity ”, confessed a Buffon who continues to be just as motivated as the first day.