Browns expect Baker Mayfield to be their starting QB in 2022

Lhe Browns aren’t ready to part with Baker mayfield still. The quarterback’s erratic season won’t cost him his job as a starter. Team manager Andrew Berry said Tuesday that the Browns They “absolutely expect” Mayfield to return after an injury-plagued 2021 season.

Mayfield played great part of the season with a tear of the labrum in the left shoulder, an injury that led to a setback by the Browns (8-9) that left them out of the playoffs. Being operated on January 19.

Mayfield’s unstable season – and the team’s doubts about whether to extend him a long-term contract – fueled the speculation that the Browns might take a different direction in the quarterback position.

That will still be possible. After all, in the unpredictable NFL things can change in the blink of an eye or with a phone call. At the moment Berry temporarily has quarterback atop the standings, whose talent divides opinions.

“We absolutely hope that Baker is our starter and that he recovers,” Berry said in a Zoom call. “We’re hoping that Baker will obviously recover in the offseason. prior to the next season, that he does a good job in the spring and that with his coaches he has the campaign that we know he is capable of having from now on”.

Mayfield suffered his first injury in week 2 when he attempted a takedown, and he played much of the season with special protection, which prevented his shoulder from dislocating. Berry reiterated that the coach Kevin Stefanski agreed with the decision to continue using Mayfield despite the injury, as he received medical clearance to do so and his performance in training was acceptable according to team criteria.

“We feel good about the information that was coming to us during the year”, He said. “The reality is we all wish we would have performed better, that we would have gotten to the playoffs this year.”

Mayfield went 6-8 as a starter, with 17 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions, including seven in the last three games. He finished among the worst in several categories, including completion percentage. It’s not fair to take all the blame for Cleveland’s setback to Mayfield, but it’s something that comes with the position he plays.


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Browns expect Baker Mayfield to be their starting QB in 2022