Ancelotti’s first serious notice

Nor it is usual, or at least it was not in its first stage, hear Carlo Ancelotti criticize in public certain aspects of the Real Madrid game. But on Sunday, after the tie at three against Levante, the Italian coach spoke loud and clear.

We have to improve the defensive attitude, that is something that depends on everyone“said the Madrid manager, who complained bitterly about the action that led to Levante’s second goal.”In that play we are three against two, and that cannot be“, said.

The truth is that Madrid’s defensive performance in the Ciutat was deficient. Something that cannot be put in the debit of Courtois, who could hardly do anything to avoid the three goals of those of Paco Lopez. In the first, it is Lucas vzquez the one who breaks the line. In the second, the Galician is alone with two rivals, without help from Fede Valverde or Bale, and the auction of Campaign it’s crisp. And, in the third, Praise is soft on a ball that fails to clear and is dead at the feet of Pier.

Of course Ancelotti ended up angry. Three goals are a lot for a team that does not have plenty of gunpowder upstairs, and the Madrid coach knows that very well. In Valencia it was Vini Jr. who came to the rescue of the whites on a night in which Benzema barely appeared in the finishing zone. It is true that Bale contributed a goal, but Carletto knows that he needs more of his attack if he wants to get the games forward, and the shortest way to achieve that goal is to shield Courtois’ area.

Ancelotti’s reprimand is logical at this point in the season, in which the coach tries to set the defensive foundations of a team that, without Bouquets and Varane, is entrusted to a new pair (Nacho-Militao), with a Carvajal barely recovered after a long period of sick leave and a Praise just landed in the white club. The technician missed more help to the wings in certain phases of the game, especially on the right wing, in which Campaa and Morales they found a water pipe that they knew how to explode. Also the new role of Casemiroforced to look more back than forward, as in times of Zidane, requires an adjustment period.

In any case, the season has just started, although Madrid already has worse defensive numbers (four goals conceded) than Athletics (one and Barcelona (three). There is plenty of time to correct possible errors, but, without leaving Valencia, Carletto already wanted to launch a warning to sailors.