No Little Pocitos in your way

The meeting started better for the Bohe. The Marronas managed to gain an advantage from the defense, led by a plugged Pierina Rossi, who with a three-point shot and a consecutive layup, managed to get a 7-0 run in no more than four minutes of play. The “T” tried to attack but could not harm a well-planted defense of Calle Gabriel Pereira. The first boy finished with Bohemios up 15-4.

Gastón Silva’s team came out determined to close the gap in the second quarter. Pocitos’ red was clearer in attack and in a tremendous shot of three by Pages he reduced the score (17-10) in 6:38 minutes of the second quarter. But with all the category of an experienced point guard -ah no, sorry, Rossi is 17 years old- Bohemios pressed the accelerator and with points distributed by Dos Santos, Rossi and Tovagliari herself went into the break doubling their rival on the scoreboard. The second quarter was gone and Bohemios was already winning at halftime 30-15.

The third quarter resumed with the same procedure. The “T” discounted as soon as he started with Durán’s double and a good passage, but immediately the response of Bohe’s came, who with Rossi’s re-entry continued strong losses, but added clarity. Gallo’s team continued with its wide advantage, where the triples and the distribution of the offensive game by Tovagliari were felt. Through a double and a converted free-kick from Cantero, the Marronas took 27 advantage one minute into halftime. The scoreboard shot up and Bohemios finished winning the third quarter 56-29.

The difference in the score was already very large and the hopes of getting within reach on the scoreboard for the “T” were increasingly remote. But Trouville didn’t get carried away and continued to fight every ball. However, dividing the scoring, Machuca, Barbato, Pereyra and Cantero ended up finalizing the score. Bohemios took a 74-43 victory over Trouville on Sunday night at CEFUBB.