Hank Aaron Award: MLB’s Award for Scorn

The regular season of the MLB passes his last year, with this they begin the polls on who dress favorite to win the Cy Young and Play Most Valuable in their Leagues, another prize of great value that these, is the Hank Aaron Award, an award that the league itself has given to contempt.

As well the Cy Young can get to define the best pitcher during the year of the National and American League, the Hank Aaron Award does the same with batters, a prize that was introduced in MLB since 1999, for which fans vote 30%, while announcers and analysts represent the other 70%.

This accolade was introduced to the league as a tribute to 25 years of Henry “Hank” Aaron have become the home run leader of MLB, beating Babe Ruth, who would also be later surpassed by Barry Bonds.

As a kind of tribute, MLB honors not only one of the players with the highest statistical numbers in its history, but also one of the players with the greatest impact on and off the field, being an outspoken defender of human rights, who led him to receive the honors of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002.

During the entire course of the MLB, We all see polls among analysts, players, fans, as well as power rankings on the trends of who will be the winners of the Cy Young or Most Valuable Player award. MLB, even articles from official league sites.

That does not happen with the Hank Aaron Award, which is well recorded as the highest distinction for a batter, both in the American league What National League from MLB.

The main attraction of this award was that it was delivered by Aaron himself to his winners year after year, a tradition that now dies, after Henry’s departure to the celestial world on January 22 of the current year 2021.

This award has been such contempt for the MLB, that many, many fans make the grave mistake of disagreeing that a pitcher wins the Most Valuable Player award, since this award should be kept only for position players, since pitchers have their own award in the Cy Young and hitters They cannot say the same, an argument that lacks any basis when we see that if there is an award for the best hitter in each circuit and, in this case, it is called the Hank Aaron Award.

This 2021 the MLB has one of the strongest arguments to lift this award from oblivion. I will explain:

While Shohei Ohtani presents one of the strongest arguments to be the clear favorite for the Most Valuable Player of the American League, due to his status as a two-way player, who does seem to be establishing himself at the Hank Aaron Award is Vladimir Guerrero Jr. as a born hitter.

Shohei Ohtani has had a majestic season, leading MLB with his 40 home runs, plus 18 games started as a pitcher. However, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. seems to be the one headed for the award.

As a pitcher, Shohei Ohtani has had a dream year for his ERA of 2.78, WHIP of 1,060, completing 100 IPs of 120 SO, while only 39 BBs. As a hitter, Ohtani completes a line of .272 / .366 / .644, along with 40 HR, 88 RBI and 18 SB, while leading the American League in HR and slugging.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., consolidates an offensive line of .312 / .407 / .608, along with 36 HR and 89 RBI, leading the American League with the OBP of his line, while walking second in HR and SLG, moving to third place in RBIs and AVG.

Taking things to a more balanced terrain, perhaps it is the OPS + that defines the status of both players, a department that Guerrero Jr. leads in the American league at 174, falling 74% of the league average (100), while 24% of the highest trends (150), while Ohtani is awarded an OPS + of 165.

As a born hitter, the Dominican’s tendencies far outweigh the Japanese’s offensive contributions, although it does not remain that the latter’s remains an elitist level. As a hitter.

Now, the simple fact that Ohtani can pitch and hit at an elite level simply defines the Most Valuable Player award.

The fact of being able to have this division of talent on the main awards of the league, marks a high commercial precedent on the synonym of these awards. Finding that each figure represents an award in the league takes care of the legacy and history of the same, in addition to maintaining current historical figures such as Hank Aaron.