What is the Spanish schedule this August 3 and what medal options are there?

Big day that Spain has ahead on this day of Tuesday, August 3 in Tokyo 2020. It has medal options in up to four different sports and in some of them more than one trick, as is the case of sailing. The cancellation of the regattas on the previous day has caused up to four Medal Races to be disputed in the current one, all of them with Spanish participation: Diego Botín and Iago López, in 49er, are third four points behind the gold, with the same as the silver and with a ten advantage over the quarters; Tamara Echegoyen and Paula Barceló, in 49er FX, are fourth to four points from bronze and seven from gold and silver; Joan Cardona, in Finn, is third, two points behind silver and eleven points behind gold and with an advantage of eight over fourth; and Tara Pacheco and Florian Trittel, in Nacra 17, who are the ones who have it the most complicated, since they are fifteen points behind bronze.

There are also a couple of options in canoeing. The main one is that of Teresa Portela, who has already made history by becoming the Spanish athlete with the most Olympic presences (six) and at 39 years old she wants to hang once and for all that medal in K-1,200 that has been so many times resisted. Pablo Martínez and Cayetano García also compete in C-2 1,000, which left a very good feeling in the series. In both tests, they will have to play the semifinals first to be able to access the final.

For his part, Gabriel Escobar disputes the boxing flyweight quarterfinals and if he wins he would secure a medal, as does the men’s soccer team, which disputes the semifinals against Japan. In addition, quarter-finals for the girls in water polo, against China, and for the boys in handball, against Sweden, and for basketball, against the United States.

That is not the thing, because also in sailing Jordi Xammar and Nicolás Rodríguez can approach a medal, who are second in the absence of these two regattas and the Medal Race, while Silvia Mas and Patricia Cantero, in the female category, have as The objective is to enter this last final regatta, which is now eight points away.

In athletics, Pablo Torrijos, in triple jump, and Mohamed Katir, in 5,000 meters, will seek their respective finals, while Ignacio Fontes, Jesús Gómez and Adel Mechaal, in 1,500, Auri Bokesa, in 400, and Asier Martínez, in 110 hurdles, aim to qualify for the semifinals.

They also want to access the final Alisa Azhogina and Iris Tió in the artistic swimming duo, as well as Alberto Ginés in climbing and Álvarez Aznar in horse jumping.

It should be remembered that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are televised live on Teledeporte and Eurosport.

Spanish schedule in Tokyo 2020 on Tuesday, July 3

Japan Time Time Spain Sport Test Round Spanish athletes / matches
9 o’clock 2:00 Athletics Triple jump Qualification Pablo Torrijos
9:05 2:05 Athletics 1,500 meters Series Ignacio Fontes
9:16 2:16 Athletics 1,500 meters Series Jesus gomez
9:27 2:27 Athletics 1,500 meters Series Adel Mechaal
9:30 2:30 Canoeing K-1 200 Semifinals Teresa Portela
9:44 2:44 Canoeing C-2 1,000 Semifinals Pablo Martinez / Cayetano Garcia
10:25 3:25 Athletics 400 meters Series Aauri Bokesa
11:37 4:37 Canoeing K-1 200 Final Teresa Portela
11:53 4:53 Canoeing C-2 1,000 Final Pablo Martínez / Cayetano García
12:05 5:05 Candle 470 Regattas 9 and 10 Silvia Mas / Patricia Cantero
12:15 5:15 Candle 470 Regattas 9 and 10 Jordi Xammar / Nicolás Rodríguez
12:33 5:33 Candle 49er FX Medal Race Tamara Echegoyen / Paula Barceló
1:15 pm 6:15 Handball Male Rooms Sweden-Spain
13:33 6:33 Candle 49er Medal Race Diego Botín / Iago López Marra
13:40 6:40 Basketball Male Rooms Spain-United States
14:33 7:33 Candle Finn Medal Race Joan Cardona
15:30 8:30 Water polo Feminine Rooms Spain-China
15:33 8:33 Candle Nacra 17 Medal Race Tara Pacheco / Florian Trittel
five pm 10:00 Climbing Individual Qualification Alberto Gines
17:48 10:48 Boxing Fly Rooms Gabriel Escobar-Saken Bibossinov (Kazakhstan)
19:00 12:00 Horse riding Individual jumps Classification Alvarez Aznar
19:18 12:18 Athletics 110 hurdles Series Asier Martinez
19:30 12:30 Artistic swimming Duo Technical routine Alisa Azhogina / Iris Tió
20:00 13:00 Soccer Male Semifinals Spain-Japan
20:16 13:16 Athletics 5,000 meters Semifinals Mohamed Katir