“We have been concentrating for a long time for this instance”

Remeros won a very important game against Montevideo in the framework of a double date at home that leaves him well standing in his goal of entering the Gold Cup. After the Total Basketball game he spoke with Melina Zapata, one of the figures in the painting of the Mercedarian team.

Remeros carried out a complex weekend with two games where he should not lose points and took the opportunity to rotate the squad, averaging 15 minutes each player between both games, on this Melina added: “Our goal is the Gold Cup. This weekend was a very important challenge, luckily we took it forward and with the added bonus of being able to rotate all of them. Also this week Ornella (Bacchini) arrived, which is going to add a lot to us ”.

Regarding the arrival of Argentina to the team with the sum of centimeters in the paint and a weekend that served to insert her into the team Zapata also added: “We are super happy, we are being able to play what we want, everything that we propose comes out for us, both in attack and defense. Ornella is a player with a lot of vision of the field and that allows us to play different systems, that the ball reaches the paint both high and low. We also see his arrival in training, where we are doing things that weren’t able to do before. Besides, it gives a very high intensity to the training sessions, to which we must adapt ourselves, it is something that improves us all. “

Remeros will play at home again next weekend in a very tough clash against the leaders and undefeated of the tournament such as Hebraica and Macabi. On the importance of playing on his court he said: “It influences a lot, we are very comfortable playing on this field. Although last year we had it on the run, because every time we came here we lost, this year is totally different. We are comfortable, we have been able to play our game against all the rivals and that makes us happy thinking about the future. “

But that’s not all the way for the Mercedarian team. That if he wants to go for the Gold Cup he will have 3 other very complicated rivals such as Malvín, Aguada and Bohemios: “We knew for a while that we had to prepare for the last four dates. They are very complicated matches and one after the other. We have been concentrating for a long time for this instance and everything we did this weekend is to apply it in the games to come. Today (Sunday) against Montevideo we were able to correct mistakes from yesterday (Saturday) against Yale, and we did it in 24 hours and with a victory in both games, which is why we are very motivated to close the championship. “