Warriors vs Celtics, live Game 4 of the 2022 NBA Finals; live result

Live score: Golden State Warriors 107 – 97 Boston Celtics | Game 4 – NBA Finals 2022

END | Warriors 107-97 Celtics | Stephen Curry adds another historic performance to his career, 43 points and 10 rebounds. Chef Curry shouldered the team and now the series travels back to San Francisco, where Game 5 of the Finals will be played on Monday.

END | Warriors 107-97 Celtics | With god free throws, the Warriors sentenced the game, victory for Golden State 107-97 over Boston to tie the NBA Finals at 2 games apiece.

4Q | Warriors 104-97 Celtics | The fans begin to leave the TD Garden, the game is sentenced, the Warriors are heading for victory and are going to tie the series, 25 seconds remain.

4Q | Warriors 102-97 Celtics | Celtics ask to review a play in which they mark foul by Al Horford on Stephen Curry, pause on the court, dramatic closure of the game with 46 seconds left.

4Q | Warriors 100-94 Celtics | Huge Stephen Curry, the number 30 of Golden State appears with another triple to give the Warriors a 6 lead with 1:42 3 on the clock. 38 points for Curry.

4Q | Warriors 97-94 Celtics | Less than two minutes, the marker does not move.

4Q | Warriors 97-94 Celtics | Furious reaction from Warriors, the Splash Brothers appear and force Boston to request time out. There is 3:41 left on the clock.

4Q | Warriors 92-94 Celtics | Andrew Wiigins responding, his best game with 17 points and 14 rebounds.

4Q | Warriors 86-91 Celtics | No team has achieved an advantage greater than 7 points, so the closing will be spectacular.

Warriors vs Celtics, live Game 4 of the 2022 NBA Finals; live result

4Q | Warriors 86-88 Celtics | Nobody yields, even in the triples, 13 for each team. Less than 8 minutes left.

4Q | Warriors 84-84 Celtics: From power to power the game, Klay Thompson appeared.

4Q | Warriors 79-78 Celtics: Start this last quarter, during the Finals, Boston has been more effective in the last period, we will see if the Warriors allow it.

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3Q | Warriors 79-78 Celtics | The third quarter is over, Golden State dominated with a 30-24 run, much remains to be written in this game.

3Q | Warriors 79-78 Celtics | Gary Payton II leading the Warriors’ reaction, also note Curry’s sixth 3-pointer.

3Q | Warriors 73-73 Celtics | Stephen Curry faces the fans and punishes Boston with another triple to tie the score. The leader of the Warriors reaches 30 points, including 5 triples.

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3Q | Warriors 70-71 Celtics | Time out worked, Curry manages to get Warriors to just one point, intense battle on the floor. less than 4 minutes left.

3Q | Warriors 63-68 Celtics | Marcus Smart appears again to extend Boston’s lead, Steve Kerr doesn’t like something and the Golden State coach decides to ask for extra time, the Warriors know that losing this game will be a serious blow to their aspirations of being champions again.

Warriors vs Celtics live Game 4 of the 2022 NBA

3Q | Warriors 60-66 Celtics | Brown on Draymond, again the Celtics player draws the foul on Green who is still unable to weigh in the game.

3Q | Warriors 56-61 Celtics | With Marcus Smart and Robert Williams, the Celtics regain the lead, a duel from power to power. Let’s remember that the best moments of Warriors come in the third quarter.

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MT | Warriors 49-54 Celtics | Robert Williams has been the protagonist with two spectacular blocks. He already has 10 rebounds and 2 blocks.

MT | Warriors 49-54 Celtics |Top scorers so far:

Boston | Jayson Tatum 16 points, 7 rebounds | Jaylen Brown 12 points, Derrick White 10 points.

Golden State | Stephen Curry 19 points | Andrew Wiggins 11 points | Jordan Poole 10 points.

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2Q | Warriors 49-54 Celtics | The second quarter ends, to rest after a resounding battle in this Game 4 of the NBA Finals

2Q | Warriors 47-54 Celtics | Robert Williams scores another spectacular block and the Celtics close the first half better.

2Q | Warriors 45-49 Celtics | Jaylen Brown commits his third foul and goes to the bench, Stephen Curry approaches his team with less than 3 minutes left.

2Q | Warriors 42-46 Celtics | After a foul by Wiggins, Al Horford punishes them and extends Boston’s lead.

2Q | Warriors 39-39 Celtics | Pause on the court, the game is lived with great intensity, no one wants to miss the opportunity to win this game. There are 5:50 left in the first half. Curry with 16 points and Tatum with 14 are still the best scorers.

Warriors vs Celtics live Game 4 of the 2022 NBA

2Q | Warriors 39-37 Celtics | Td Garden lights up with Al Horford’s block on Draymond Green who continues to be the target of the Celtics fans’ screams.

2Q | Warriors 37-34 Celtics | Stephen Curry still producing, gets two more after Jaylen Brown missed a free throw.

2Q | Warriors 33-28 Celtics | The second quarter began and both teams had struggled to find the points, until Jordan Poole appeared to get two consecutive baskets to return the advantage to DubNation. They force Ime Udoka to call time out.

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1Q | Warriors 27-28 Celtics | Grant Williams is present with his first three-pointer of the night and gives Boston the lead by closing the first quarter in spectacular fashion. Great duel, which has Curry with 12 points and Tatum also with 12 as the best scorers.

1Q | Warriors 25-25 Celtics | Tatum’s triple and the game is tied with only a few seconds left in the first quarter.

1Q | Warriors 23-18 Celtics | As Stephen Curry has begun to light up, he already has 10 points.

1Q | Warriors 23-18 Celtics | With two straight 3-pointers, Stephen Curry gives Golden State the lead with 2 minutes remaining in the first quarter. After an uncertain start, the Warriors begin to get into the game.

1Q | Warriors 15-16 Celtics | Draymond Green comes off after committing his first foul of the game. Wiggins approaches the Warriors.

1Q | Warriors 12-12 Celtics | The Warriors recover ground and tie the game, Klay Thompson appears with his first triple.

1Q | Warriors 6-12 Celtics | The first time out of the game arrives, Andrew Wiggins came out with a blow after a clash with Jayson Tatum. the Warriors player is being reviewed, but it is expected that it will not be anything serious. There are 6:41 left to play in this first quarter.

Warriors vs Celtics live Game 4 of the 2022 NBA

1Q | Warriors 6-12 Celtics | Boston has another promising start and begins by dominating the Warriors, who are still trying to find the top spot.

1Q | Warriors 4-8 Celtics | Tatum hits a 3-pointer and then the TD Garden explodes with a Robert Williams block that then tops the offense with two points.

1Q | Warriors 2-3 Celtics | Stephen Curry’s first foul comes, Jayson Tatum goes to the line and gets one of two free throws.

1Q | Warriors vs. Celtics | Game 4 of the NBA Finals is underway, Warriors against Celtics, a great battle awaits us.

Warriors vs Celtics, live Game 4 of the 2022 NBA Finals; live result

20:00 | The teams are already on the court of the TD Garden, in a few moments the pre-ceremony will begin with the singing of the United States anthem and later the presentation of the Celtics and Warriors players.

19:55 | Tonight Draymond Green will try to be an important player again and change history, after three games in these Finals, Green has 15 fouls, the same amount of points. If the Warriors want to win, they need Draymond fully focused.

19:50 | The Warriors if they make a move in their starters, Kevon Looney does not appear at the start, Draymond Green appears as a center and Otto Porter Jr. enters as a starter.

19:45 | The Celtics announce their starting five there is nothing new with respect to what we have seen in the previous three games. Brown, Smart, Tatum, Horford, and Williams.

19:35 | Jayson Tatum is upping his bonuses to win the Finals MVP award. The Celtics Player is a betting favorite, his averages are 26.3 points, 6.5 rebounds and 6.2 assists.

19:25 | The doubts disappear because Stephen Curry is ready and at least in the warm-up he does not have discomfort in his left ankle, an injury that worried Golden State.

19:20 | The Warriors are 5-0 after a loss in these playoffs. If the trend continues, Golden State has a good chance of tying the series, but it won’t be easy, especially after seeing how confident the Boston players were playing in front of their home crowd.

19:15 | : Welcome to the minute by minute of this Game 4 of the NBA Finals through MARCA Claro. The TD Garden in Boston once again dresses up to receive the fourth game of the series between the Celtics and Warriors who continue their streak of 26 consecutive playoff series by winning at least one game on the road. Tonight, they will try to even the series.

The NBA Finals resume the battle between Celtics and Warriors, Game 4 of the title fight takes place tonight at TD Gardena scenario that looked spectacular in game 3 and that in the end was a factor that Boston used it to their advantage to win over Golden State to take a 2-1 lead.

Things are not calm in the Warriors, In addition to being down in the series, the alerts went off after the injury suffered by Stephen Currythe leader of the Warriors has made it clear that he will miss this game for nothing in the world, but the reality is that we do not know if he will be 100% physically and If the Warriors want to get out of Boston with a win, they need their star fully connected, just like Draymond Green, who fouled out again in the previous game.

At MARCA Claro we will take you minute by minute of this great game where the Celtics will try to take another step towards the 18th title in their history, while Golden State will seek to come back as it has done on other occasions.

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Warriors vs Celtics, live Game 4 of the 2022 NBA Finals; live result