Historic sale of the Broncos and why the NFL is the best sports league in the world

The Denver team has new owners after investing the highest amount of money for a sports franchise; the reason is that the NFL is profitable

The NFL continues to demonstrate why it is the best sports league in the world, as in recent days the sale of the Denver Broncos was announced for 4.7 billion dollars, becoming the most expensive purchase of any sports team in history.

This acquisition even surpassed that of the Chelseateam of the premier league and champion of the Champions League in the 2020-2021 season, which was also recently acquired by the consortium headed by Todd Boehley for 3.2 billion dollars.

And in this top of the most expensive acquisitions, the Broncos are not the only team in the NFLbecause there are also the Carolina Panthers, which had a cost of 2.3 billion dollars, being surpassed by the New York Mets (2.4 billion dollars) and the Brooklyn Nets ($2.35 billion).

It is no coincidence that two teams from the NFL are among the most expensive sports sales in history, even though they are not among the best valued institutions in the league, that position is held by the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots, as reported Forbes.

Soccer, the most popular sport in the world, but not the most profitable. We all know that soccer is the most popular sport in the world, but it is not necessarily synonymous with profitability, there is even a very wide gap between the different leagues in the world. Even in the best competitions like the Premier League, Bundesliga, The leagueeven the Champions League, we can see a brutal disparity between the elite and the medium and small teams, in addition to the fact that we get to see stadiums that are not fully filled. Something that doesn’t happen NFL.

The National Football League has been able to design a business and show model in which we generally see the stadiums bursting at each game, in addition the teams have the possibility of choosing the best players in the Draft even if they have had a very bad season, so not everything It is not about spending large amounts to sign the best players, but about giving opportunities to all teams to have the possibility of greatly improving their squads.

Since 2017 (not counting season with empty stadiums due to pandemic) the NFL it has surpassed 13 billion dollars annually, making it the highest-earning league in the world. According to a report from Sports Business Journal in 2019 it generated 16 billion dollars.

The NFL he has known how to manage the teams, he has designed a profitable model that allows investment in all the teams, no matter if it is one that has not won a superbowl in many years, the profitability is there and is palpable for all investors. And it can still grow much more.

There are fans of NFL around the world, he has made international matches; the superbowl it is one of the most watched sporting events on the planet; in USA there are millions of fans of this sport; and even so, I believe that the NFL still has a lot of potential to grow and increase its popularity and, therefore, its income.

Achieve greater penetration in important markets such as Mexico, England either Asia, not only with official parties, but in another way that involves the society of that country, could mean a big step. Many teams already have their sights set on these markets and are taking action to generate greater visibility and attract new fans.

Congratulations to the NFL already the Denver Broncos for this historic transaction.

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Historic sale of the Broncos and why the NFL is the best sports league in the world