Video: brutal aggression of a Santa Fe basketball player against a referee

This Thursday night the semifinals of the provincial basketball tournament were played between Atlético Adelante de Reconquista and Centro Recreativo de Calchaquí, in Reconquista. Nevertheless, the match could not end due to the aggression suffered by one of the referees by one of the players.

El Diablo won 22 to 21 when the game was suspended due to the aggression of the visiting player Renzo Mustasa towards the referee Raúl Olivero, who fell against the iron barrier that hurt a woman who was in the audience, Graciela, mother of one of the local players.

Mustasa, a player for the Calchaquí team, was already out of control. Moments before, with a kick, he had stamped the ball against the glass of the indoor stadium.

The rematch of the semifinal was being played, which in the first leg (in Calchaquí) had already won Adelante by 14 points. The arbitrator revealed that he was going to make the corresponding criminal complaint and civil action against the aggressor. This was anticipated by the sports journalist Raúl López, who was broadcasting the game for his program “Ecos del Deporte”.

Emiliano Rojas, a fellow player of the attacker, said it was “a pity what just happened. We did not expect that reaction”, and regretted it as “a sad fact.” He apologized on behalf of the entire team.

Everything indicates that the game will not be resumed and Adelante will go to the final, where it awaits the winner of the other semifinal between Platense Porvenir and Huracán de San Javier.

According Reconquest TodayMartín Benítez, president of the Club Adelante Basketball Subcommittee, described the event as “regrettable.” He said they wanted to go to the final “playing, as appropriate.” He took for granted that the game will not continue and Adelante will be a finalist in the contest.

Adelante’s DT, Emanuel Vallejos, described Mustasa’s action as “sad, outrageous, regrettable and extremely sad.”

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Video: brutal aggression of a Santa Fe basketball player against a referee