Typhoon of happiness

In the match corresponding to the sixth day of the Third Division of Ascent, the faces Marne and Atenas were seen. The first came from falling to Bohemios in Pocitos, while the second in their last presentation had fallen against Paysandú in the Verdirrojo gym. Roberto Tellechea presented a quintet made up of Iván Arbildi, Andrés Guillén, Mateo Amarillo, Ezequiel Piñeiro and Tadeo Girbau. For their part, those led by Juan José Rovira took to the field with Luciano Planells, Martín Couñago, Joaquín Jones, Héctor Silva and Manuel Monteverde. Those in charge of imparting justice were Franco Dabbisogno, Gonzalo Paz and Damián Orrico.

The match played in the Simón Bolívar neighborhood presented a more than interesting start, in which both teams had ease when it came to scoring. The home team hurt with Andrés Guillén’s throws from beyond 6.75 meters, while the visiting team hurt the paint with the presence of Héctor Silva and Manuel Monteverde. Averaging the first quarter, Palermo’s men posted a 9-0 run, which gave them the chance to open an eight-point lead. It was quickly neutralized by the Typhoon, thanks to two consecutive triples at the hands of Mauro Domínguez. The low effectiveness in free practice, especially of their number 15, caused the Athenian team to close the first boy just two goals up. The good income from the bench of Inti Arévalo and Franco Olivera, gave Marne a greater defensive intensity. Those on Cebollatí Street forgot to put the ball inside, which added to the area that his rival posed and the fact of not putting it from outside, made it very difficult for him to reach the goal. On the epilogue of the initial stage, Atenas returned to play in the way that gave the best dividends, with Silva and Monteverde punishing in the high-low, also taking advantage of the fact that the rival’s players who played in that area of ​​the court, such as for example, Tadeo Girbau and Aaron Bustelo, were loaded with fouls.

At the beginning of the second half, the visit was in front of the electronic in figures from 39 to 38. In the first bars of the complement, a very open process could be observed, where both squads exchanged attack for attack and the defenses shone with their absence. The homeowner had Domínguez on fire, while his opponent continued to dominate the internal game. With a good streak of points from Jones, well accompanied by Martín Couñago, the black wings managed to get an income of ten points in the middle of the third period. To further complicate the situation for the local, both Piñeiro and Domínguez reached their fourth personal foul. Between the end of the third boy and the start of the last, those led by Roberto Tellechea placed a partial of 11-0, which allowed them to go ahead in the score. When the party entered “la chiquita” as our friend Álvaro Martín says, nervousness began to be one more enemy for both teams. With a free from Silva in the absence of a second, Athens was up by a bit. On the last play, Arbildi served sideways and saw Girbau cut to the basket. The intern put the tray and unleashed the madness of the local public. Finally, Marne was left with the victory 88-87 and thus achieved his third victory in the tournament.

In the winner, the figure of Andrés Guillén stood out, scoring 19 points, seconded by Tadeo Girbau with 15 points and 7 rebounds. On the loser’s side, Héctor Silva contributed 25 points and 10 rebounds.

The typhoon’s next engagement will be on Saturday, when I have to visit Larrañaga at the Doña Natividad Rivera. On that same day, the Athenian team will face Bohemios on stage to be defined.

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Typhoon of happiness