Madden 2021: 50 thousand pesos prize tournament

NFL Mexico invites all fans of American football and video games to be part of the experience of Madden Challenger Mexico 2021, online tournament that will take place from November 26 and will end on January 13, 2022 with games in the famous EA Sports Madden NFL 22.

NFL Online Madden Tournament Prizes

For the tournament this year there will be a total bag of 90 thousand pesos in prizes, with 50 thousand for the winner and the rest distributed between second, third and fourth place of each console, this thanks to an alliance between the famous brand of Snickers chocolates, LVP (Mediapro Group), the NFL and the support of EA Sports.

1st Place: Fifty thousand Mexican pesos (50,000 MXN)

2nd Place: Twenty-five thousand Mexican pesos (25,000 MXN)

3rd Place: Ten thousand Mexican pesos (10,000 MXN)

4th Place: Five thousand Mexican pesos (5,000 MXN)

How do I register for Madden Cahllenger Mexico?

The objective of the competition, that it is totally free and that it will be developed online in Competitive 1vs1 mode, it is provide all NFL fans with interactive entertainment during the 2022 football season. Registrations for the Madden Challenger Mexico 2021 are open and can be performed through the page

The competition will consist of four qualifying tournaments of Madden NFL 22 on Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4, respectively: one per week will be held, starting November 26 and concluding on December 17. The first place in each qualifier will advance to a Playoff stage. The finals will air on January 12 and 13, respectively, through the channels of LVP México and YouTube LVPmex.

If they wish, those interested in participating may register in the 4 qualifying tournaments to increase their chances of achieving their pass to the Playoffs stage. Registrations are unlimited.

Also, as part of the Madden Challenger Mexico 2021, on February 2, 2022 there will be a Showmatch in CDMX which will have as guests the winners of each tournament (first place Xbox and first place PlayStation 4), influencers and celebrities from the entertainment world, in order to hold a 3vs3 exhibition match where each team will have a guest representative. The event will be broadcast live online on Spanish channels LVP and NFL.


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Madden 2021: 50 thousand pesos prize tournament