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While they are friendly matches, the Red Falcons’ performance is high-flying. This Thursday they widely surpassed Central de Ceres, a group that was formed to fight at the top.

At the “Severo Robledo” stadium, San Isidro played the fifth preseason game and beat the Central Argentino Olímpico de Ceres 103 to 82 with authority and a very high level.

The performance of the team that Beltramo leads forced the fans who were present to look at each other in surprise at what they showed on the pitch. Red took over all aspects of the game, the defensive face was forceful and the fluidity in attack led him, once again, to score high goals.

In just 15 minutes into the game, he had already converted 45 points. The advantage was expanding, although Central adjusted, it could never counteract the “Santo”.

José Montero added his first minutes.

As positive points; San Isidro could count on Milton Vittar and José Montero, both of whom added valuable minutes after recovering from injuries that prohibited them from being in previous friendlies.

If it continues like this, the week will be key to advancing in its set-up for the debut in the Argentine League on Friday the 15th against Colón de Santa Fe in the “Nido” from 9:30 pm. (On Sunday at 9 pm he will receive Echagüe de Paraná).

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Milton Vittar begins to get in shape for debut.

20211007 212415
Santiago Assum was one of the high points in the red.

The friendly matches stage will close on Saturday in Ceres, thus returning the visit to Central.

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San Isidro 103: Santiago Bruno 8, Santiago Assum 16, Jeremías Diotto 0, Milton Vittar 7, José Montero 4, Juan Cruz Oberto 17, Emilio Stucki 8, Jerónimo Suñé 11, Gonzalo Romero 13 and Federico Zezular 12, Salomone 0. DT: Daniel Beltramo.

Ceres 82 Central: Pablo Martínez 20, Matías Martínez 10, Jorge Banegas 11, Edgardo Torné 9, Alejandro Spalla 9, Lisandro Fernández 18, Guido Cabrera 4, Luciano Melastro 5, Bautista Manasero 0. DT: Enrique Lancellotti.

Partial: San Isidro 31 / Central 25 – 62/39 – 81/67 and 103/82.

Referees: Barbarini and Balangione

Stadium: “Severo Robledo”