The Uruguayan Basketball League begins: know the teams and how the first date is played

Everything is ready for the start of the 2022-2023 edition of the Uruguayan Basketball Leaguewhich will have the participation of 13 teams. National will start the contest today from 8:15 p.m. when it is measured against Olympia on Larre Borges’ court, and then there will be two games at 8:30 p.m.: Trouville will receive Goes Y Hebrew and Macabi will do the same against Larre Borges on the Athletic Union court.

In the continuity of the first day, this Friday Penarol will be measured before Urupán from 8:15 p.m., while from 8:30 p.m. there will be two games simultaneously: watery in view of Sporting Defender Y Urunday University versus Malvin.

There will be changes regarding the format: the first phase will continue to be two wheels in which the casts will be measured all against all, but the teams that finish between the first and fifth position will go directly to the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, those who remain between sixth and eleventh place will play Play-In, while the two remaining teams will lose the category.

Biguá kept the base and is a candidate

El Pato de Villa Biarritz will start the contest with the two-time Uruguayan League championship under his arm and that already makes him one of the great candidates to win the title again. Those led by Diego Cal have as their main strength the fact of maintaining the backbone of the squad that made him reach the top: Donald Sims, one of the outstanding in the last two consecrations, will finish his participation in the Mexican tournament and join the equipment. Luis Santos also follows, who was the MVP of the previous edition, and Victor Rudd, an essential piece for the collective operation.

Peñarol has the objective of revalidating

Peñarol has just had a great campaign in the 2021-2022 Uruguayan League and intends, at the very least, to reach the title definition again with a hierarchical squad: the aurinegro cast managed to support David Huertas and also continues to have Salvador Zanotta , fundamental in the team in the last edition. This season he will have the opportunity to compete internationally in the Basketball Champions League Americas together with Biguá.

The Mirasol team is part of Group C of the competition together with Instituto de Córdoba and Flamengo, one of the great powers on a continental level.

Aguada has what to be the protagonist

The team led by Leandro Ramella has already begun to show in the South American Basketball League that it has what it takes in this Uruguayan League and, after obtaining two wins and one loss, advanced to the quarterfinals of the competition after winning 87-70. to Lions.

The aguatero had Kyle Fuller as one of the figures in his meetings, one of the novelties of the campus. At the same time, for this new edition of the League he managed to support Agustín Zuvich, who to be in order must recover from a tear. Meanwhile, his place will be taken by Diego Soarez, who has just played for Peñarol.

Nacional was reinforced to go for the title

Nacional has just had a good campaign in the last edition of the Uruguayan League, but now it has the challenge of going one step further and getting into definition stages. In the 2021-2022 campaign he was eliminated by Aguada, against whom he has a bad streak: the aguatero left him by the wayside in four of the last five campaigns. In the last case it was after a close series, but the rojiverde won 80-65 in the fifth game.

With hierarchical reinforcements such as Pereiras, who has just played in Aguada, and the presence of luxury foreigners, the tricolor intends to achieve the first League title in its history.

Bigua. Photo: @BiguaOnline

DT:Diego Cal.

Major Chips: Santiago Vidal, Iván Loriente, Martín Rojas, Gonzalo Álvarez, Santiago Moglia.
Unnamed tokens: Donald Sims, Luis Santos, Víctor Rudd.
Under 23: Angel Arevalo, Manuel Saavedra, Guillermo Feijoo.

Watery. Photo: @Aguada_oficial

DT:Leandro Ramella.

Major Chips: Juan Santiso, Facundo Medina, Leandro Cerminato, Theo Metzger and Agustín Zuvich
Unnamed Tokens: Eloy Vargas, Jordan Adams, Kyle Fuller
Sub 23: Luciano Planells, Gabriel Brun, Lucas Silva, Mateo Amarillo.

Goes. Photo: @clubgoesoficial

DT:William Narvarte.

Major Files: Martín Osimani, Joaquín Osimani, Ignacio Xavier, Mauricio Arregui, Jonathan Sacco
Unnamed tokens: Kostas Vasileiadis, Windi Graterol.
Under 23: Sebastian Sosa, Emiliano Bonet.

The shield of Peñarol basketball. Photo: @BasketCAPuy

DT:Pablo Lopez.

Major Chips: Manuel Mayora, Salvador Zanotta, Diego Pena García, Álex López, Nicolás Borsellino
Unnamed Chips: Lee Roberts, David Huertas, Charles Thomas
Under 23: Joaquin Rodriguez, Mateo Giano.

Penarol vs. Bigua. Photo: Estefania Leal.
Penarol vs. Bigua. Photo: Estefania Leal.
National basketball shield. Photo: @CNdeFbasketball

DT:Gonzalo Fernandez.

Major Files: Juan Andrés Galletto, Alejandro Acosta, Federico Pereiras, Miguel Barriola and Sebastián Izaguirre
Unnamed Tokens: Anthony Danridge, Gary McGhee, Will Daniels
Under 23: Lautaro Pérez, Patricio Prieto.

Malvin. Photo: @ClubMalvin

DT:Federico Camina.

Major Chips: Germán Silvarrey, Marcel Souberbielle, Fausto Pomoli, Kiril Wachsmann
Unnamed Chips: Anthony Hilliard, Rohndell Goodwin, Marcel Jones
Under 23: Lucas Capalbo, Juan Diego Cabillón, Marcelo Rosas, Felipe Serdio, Pedro Mendive.

Larre Borges. Photo: @LarreOficial

DT:Mathias Nieto.

Major Chips: Mauro Zubiaurre, Fernando Verrone, Gastón Semiglia, Christian Pereira
Unnamed tokens: Ricardo Glenn, Menas Stephens, Tyrique Weaver.
Sub 23: No.

Hebrew shield and Macabi. Photo: @Hebraica_Macabi

DT:Leonardo Zylbersztein.

Major Files: Manuel Romero, Luciano Parodi, Brian García, Federico Haller, Juan Ignacio Ducasse
Unnamed Tokens: Aaron Thomas, Joseph Lawson, Franklin Hassell
Under 23: Lautaro Viatri, Martin Larrea.

Olympia. Photo: @CAOlimpia

DT:German Fernandez.

Major Chips: Juan Viana, Gustavo Barrera, Pablo Macanskas, Esteban Batista, Enzo Delgado
Unnamed Chips: Quintin Dove, Dennis McKiney, Marcus Thomas
Sub 23: Tiago Leites, Joaquín Núñez, Mateo Cancela.

Esteban Batista, new record of Olimpia. Photo: @lamaquinablanca
Esteban Batista, new record of Olimpia. Photo: @lamaquinablanca
Trouville. Photo: @ClubTrouvilleUY

DT:Marcelo Signorelli.

Major Files: Federico Bavosi, Nahuel Amichetti, Gianfranco Espíndola.
Unnamed Tokens: Dwayne Davis, Tavrion Dawson, Josh Price
Under 23: Santiago Fernandez, Guillermo Curbelo, Santiago Tucuna, Pablo Gomez, Martin Tessadri.

Urunday. Photo: @ClubUrunday

DT: Hector Da Pra.

Major Files: Abel Agarbado, Martín Trelles, Nicolás Catalá, Nicolás Delgado, Rodrigo Brause
Unnamed Tokens: Tanskley Efianayi, Stephaun Branch, Hatila Passos
Under 23: Ignacio Morena, Giovanni Corbisiero.

Urupan. Photo: @urupanpando

DT:Stephen Yaquinta.

Major Files: Mateo Sarni, Fernando Martínez, Federico Soto, Nahuel Lemos and Hernando Cáceres
Unnamed Tokens: Zigymantas Riauka, Eric Ferguson
Under 23: Facundo Yaquinta, Mateo Dogliotti, Guillermo Souza.

Sporting basketball defender. Photo: @DSCbasquet

DT:Daniel Seoan.

Major Chips: Marcos Cabot, Nicolás Pereyra, Santiago Massa, Sebastián Ottonello
Unnamed Chips: Shane Gibson, Quintrell Thomas, Mamadou Gueye
Under 23: Mateo Bianchi, Charlie Garcia.

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The Uruguayan Basketball League begins: know the teams and how the first date is played