The University Basketball League witnessed epic victory

Julio Leon

An epic victory was won by Cranes Gale on Sunday in what was a true top division clash against the powerful quintet of Camino al Deporte, in a match with a vibrant comeback in the fourth quarter.

This, in activity of the day 13 of the University Veterans Basketball League. And it is that in the first half, the team led by Baldemar Guzmán and Pablo Castellanos came to be down on the scoreboard by up to ten points, concluding it losing 17-26.

However, the reaction of the champion of the first category of said basketball circuit came from the third quarter in a duel of great shock and where each ball was disputed with claw, courage and determination.

Thus, Cranes Gale managed to win a period for the first time in the game and the third was booked by a 19-12 run to get only two points behind the tie, 36-38.

The key player in his offensive production in that chapter was Jesús Arango, who was dispatched with 13 points while Enrique Ibarra contributed one of the four triples that in total scored in the game.

With this reaction and approximation of the equalized score, greater verve, motivation and decision were injected into Baldemar Guzmán’s quintet, who looked overwhelming in the last quarter to end up overwhelming his rival in a crazy somersault.

Cranes Gale displayed great explosiveness in his attacks in that final period and scored 16 points, limiting his rival to only six, and ended up registering a spectacular comeback that still reached them to win with a wide margin.

Joel Díaz and Jesús Arango combined perfectly to add to the champion’s account in the fourth period and clinch the thrilling victory with a final score of 52-44.

The best scorers for Cranes Gale were: Jesús Arango with 17 points, Enrique Ibarra with 14 and Joel Díaz with 11.

Cranes 52-44 Camino


Gale Cranes 10 07 19 16 = 52

Road to Sports 16 10 12 06 = 44


Cranes Gale: Jassan Martínez, Gilberto Melo, Joel Díaz, Ignacio Pacheco, Rafael Sandoval, Enrique Ibarra, Fidel Casas, Pablo Castellanos, Jesús Arango, Juan López, Oscar Cruz,

Baldemar Guzman.

Road to Sports: Fabián Romero, José Paz, Melitón Santiago, Carlos Pérez, Guillermo Corcuera, Roel Arévalo, Miguel López, Roberto Ortiz, Moisés Pitalúa, Sergio García.