The Leyma looks in the mirror

Greetings before starting a match.
victor echave

The Leyma receives the Gipuzkoa in the Riazor Sports Palace (5:00 p.m.) in a match that will break the equality between the two. Ninth and tenth classified, one inside and one outside the playoff positions, they are with five wins and five losses. A few more points in favor for the Coruña, 802 by 731; and a few fewer points against for the Basques, with 716 to 733. And the two arrive after losing in the week-to-week match against two of the favourites, although one away and the other at home: the oranges against the Andorra (77-70) and the Gipuzkoans against the Students (64-68).

Therefore, an even game could be expected in which the local fans could break the balance. Because Leyma chains four victories in a row in his fiefdom (Ourense, Melilla, Almansa and Alicante). He only lost the first home game of the season, against Lleida. And becoming strong as a host is one of the basic requirements for Diego Epifanio’s team on that path to growth that has set itself the goal of the playoffs. At the moment, because it is precisely that, a team under construction, it is suffering from a certain irregularity, the ability to do the best and the worst in the same game.

The Gipuzkoa It has more regular numbers in the sense that it has a more even balance of wins and losses at home and away. Both for them and for Leyma it is the end of the season of a busy week in which they have had to play three games. The people of A Coruña traveled on Wednesday to Andorrareturn on Thursday night and they have barely had a couple of sessions to prepare for the duel in which physical wear and tear will be one of the factors, taking into account that the orange rotation is short and will continue to lack lundqvist.

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The Leyma looks in the mirror