The CBF calls Pep Guardiola

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Before choosing a coach, the Confederaçao wants to know first-hand what Pep’s plans are in the medium and short term

Guardiola is the impossible dream of Brazil, which intends to give a coup with the choice of its new coach

The Confederaçao Brasileira de Futebol (CBF) will contact Pep Guardiola in the coming days, according to what SPORT has learned. The president of the entity, ednaldo rodrigueswho is going to choose the new coach alone, intends to find out first-hand and without intermediaries what are the professional intentions of the current Manchester City coach and if there is any possibility of being able to count on him at the end of this season in Europe As much as I just renewed until 2025.

Considered by the Confederaçao as the best coach in world football, Guardiola heads the preferences of the Bahian manager. The leadership of the entity has already stated that, after the resounding failure of Tite, there is the possibility of breaking the tradition of naming a Brazilian coach and going to the international market to hire the best possible option.

There is no rush from the CBF to choose Tite’s replacement and it has already been leaked that the decision will not be made until the beginning of next year, taking into account that the only official commitments of the Seleçao will be in the second half of 2023 when the South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup will start. The slogan is not to make a decision on the spur of the moment or rush.The Confederaçao will do a deep cleaning of the selection department. The entity has had the detail of waiting for Tite to present his resignation from office as he had announced more than a year ago, although a sector of the press requested an ipso facto dismissal after the “verdeamarela” fell in the quarterfinals against Croatia. The anger in Brazil is monumental due to the early KO and all the criticism is focused on the coach until now.

With Tite, all the members of the coaching staff and the coordinator Juninho Paulista will leave, also highly criticized for not protecting the coach but becoming one of his subordinates. His place is already certain to be occupied by the former president of Corinthians, Andres Sanchezwho, by the way, has a direct line with the new President of the Republic, Lula da Silvasince he has been a representative of the Workers’ Party (PT).

Beyond Pep Guardiola, whom the president of the CBF does not intend to rule out from the outset, among the applicants for the position of Brazilian coach are the Portuguese Abel FerreiraPalmeiras coach where he has won two Libertadores (2020 and 2021) and a Brasileirao (2022): the Fluminense coach, Fernando Diniz, highly appreciated for his positional game and his offensive conception of the game; the charismatic Renato Portaluppi, who trains the Guild with whom he won the Libertadores 2017: and Rogerio Ceni, who runs Sao Paulo. The name of Jorge Sampaoli, who is in Sevilla, and who had a brilliant time at Santos FC and At. Mineiro.

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The CBF calls Pep Guardiola