Silvando in someone else’s nest

The game was fairly even the first 5 minutes, with Reducto taking advantage of the departure of Leandro Taboada and Brian Silva, well accompanied by Felipe Trusich who constantly attacked the bass or discharged outwards, where the hand was warm, this allowed the asylum team make a difference. Albatros for his part collided with the defense well planted by the Cortizas team, only a few sparks from Juan Barrios gave some encouragement to the bird of the meadow. To close the first quarter, a play from 2k Sports, yours and mine, belt pass, spade pass and definition between Silva and Trusich that culminated with Brian’s double. The first boy closed 26 to 18 in favor of Redoubt.

The second quarter Albatros seemed to come out with another energy, more awake and with vertical attacks to the rim, in addition the entry of Andrés Jones gave him the weight that was missing in the paint. But it did not last long, once again from the high post Redoubt became strong, the entry of Nicolás Comas gave it effectiveness and the team began to play more in the pick and roll with Tortajada, leaving him only down or dragging a mark for the definition from loa 6.75 of his companions in solitude; so much so that even Damián Mujica cheered up and rotted her by three. Little could the bird do that was overcome, a triple on Matías Alonso’s horn shortened distances, the first 20 were taken by Reducto 53 to 31.

The third started with heated spirits, the whistle of Gonzalo Paz as unsportsmanlike to a foul by Tripodi on Trusich when the team was cut off from the asylum, in a correct decision by the referee, but much protested by the local. The asylum team continued better and the game down with Tortajada and the discharge for Silva came out round. But Albatros changed the defense and with a 2-3 zone annulled the game inside his rival and the percentages began to drop. The rebounds generated rapid defense-attack transitions for the bird that, led by Matías Alonso and Santiago Machado, the latter with a brutal sink on the buzzer, placed a 17-2 run in the final three minutes of the third that ended with Redoubt above 67 to 54.

The last quarter was crazy, Albatros maintained its defensive wall and did not let the asylum team penetrate that could not find a game anywhere, achieving only 2 points between the last 3 of the third and the first 4 minutes of the final quarter. Nicolás García began to appear in the premises, playing and making his teammates play with Machado as the main partner. Albatros was twice a ball and every time the draw could come a bomb from Yari Acevedo appeared to open up an advantage again in Reducto.

The final minute was a heart attack, Albatros managed to get two points (77-79) with Machado free. The bird had faults to give and he did so until he was in groups and sent Leandro Taboada to the line who had everything to finish the game, but he failed both free games. Reducto returned to grab the rebound and again foul on Taboada who once again missed both free games. In reloading the bird could not tie with a wrong tray by Machado. The rebound was grabbed by Damián Mujica and gave it to Brian Silva who was cut and he did not miss. The two free inside and the game was liquidated for Redoubt that takes a point in the bird’s nest, with a final score of 81 to 77.

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Silvando in someone else’s nest