Riquelme made the Boca players get off the bus

The night of the Candy box had a lot of images. Almost all, of course, in relation to Diego Maradona. From the party that the people of Mouth with party favors, songs and a lot of emotion, passing through the balloons that were sent to the sky with the blue and gold 10, and even Dalma receiving a framed shirt in the hands of Izquierdoz and the Flea Rodriguez celebrating his goal and kissing Diego’s face on his shirt. Nevertheless, there was an image that, despite all that, resounded louder than all

When the game ended and the Boca players were already on the bus to go to the hotel where they concentrate and have their cars,Juan roman riquelme! He took them all down, put them in the locker room and there was group talk.

The image was eloquent. And striking. Because while the bus waited at the La Bombonera beach, the vice president got out of the box in which he saw the game, faced the bus head-on accompanied only by a security person, approached the trunk of the vehicle and from there made a gesture With his hands. That same gesture was enough for the group of footballers who had climbed to get off immediately.

What happened in the locker room? Riquelme, who before this would have chatted with Jorge Ameal, showed his discontent not only for the game that Boca lost with Gimnasia and for the lack of response, but also because, internally, it bothered him a lot that just half an hour after having lost the most were already bathed, changed and ready to go.

“The talk was very hard, from outside the puteadas could be heard. Shook them“Someone who saw Roman enter like a whirlwind told Olé.

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Logically, this exhibition that Riquelme made in front of the people and many media that witnessed the entire sequence, took place 72 hours before a final for Boca, which despite being a semi with Argentines from the Argentine Cup will define many things: from luck (or not) of Boca in the next Copa Libertadores and until the future of Battaglia …

The talk in the locker room lasted between 15 and 20 minutes and, as Olé could find out, it was a monologue by Riquelme, which is not the first time that he comes face to face with the squad, in fact he had already done it in Ezeiza before the crossing with River in Copa Argentina.

Riquelme's face during the fall with Gimnasia.

Riquelme’s face during the fall with Gimnasia.

Román is hot, it was noticed in his behavior and especially in the locker room talk, in which Battaglia would not have participated, beyond the fact that it is believed that JR and the Lion will have a meeting at this time. How will this story continue? How will it hit the privacy of the campus? Will it take effect on Wednesday? The only thing clear for now is that Riquelme sent them under the bus …

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Riquelme made the Boca players get off the bus