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This is how the fixture is scheduled, after starting with two home games, San Isidro will only play again in our city on November 16. Before that, more than half a dozen on the “route.”

Two Headquarters, one in Santa Fe and the other in Santiago del Estero; also an “Interparejas” in Sunchales. San Isidro’s schedule has a V away in the next seven matches in the 2021/2022 Argentine League.

There was a string of eight out of the “Nest”, counting the won last Sunday in Paraná against Echagüe. Now ahead he will have three in Santa Fe this weekend (Thursday, Saturday and Sunday), one in Sunchales and three again, but in Santiago del Estero.

On Friday 16 it will be the place of Libertad de Sunchales; In the entire month that is about to begin, he will only appear twice before his audience.

The fixture of the Santa Fe Headquarters – Colón Stadium

Wednesday 27:
16:30 | Central – Freedom
19:00 | Independent (SDE) – Echagüe
21:30 | V. San Martin – Colon
Free: San Isidro

Thursday 28:
16:30 | Echagüe – V. San Martín
19:00 | San Isidro – Independent (SDE)
21:30 | Colon – Central

Saturday 30:
16:30 | Independent (SDE) – Freedom
19:00 | Central – Echagüe
21:30 | V. San Martín – San Isidro

Sunday 31:
16:30 | Freedom – V. San Martín
19:00 | San Isidro – Central
21:30 | Colon – Independent (SDE)

How is San Isidro doing?

On Friday, November 5, he will play the “Interparejas” visiting Libertad de Sunchales at the “Hogar de los Tigres”. Then he will travel to Santiago del Estero for the second Venue (CD groups will clash) in which he will play a total of 3 more games.

On Tuesday the 9th in front of the Independiente venue, on Wednesday the 10th with Villa San Martín and on Saturday the 13th with Central de Ceres.

Just the next game in the “Nido” will be on November 16 when it receives Libertad de Sunchales. On the 19th he will travel again to Paraná with Echagüe, on Sunday the 21st in Santa Fe against Colón and on the 25th with Libertad de Sunchales, again in the “Severo Robledo”.

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Seven straight games outside of San Francisco – DiarioSports – San Francisco