Seizing the first victory

It all started with Atenas more intense and effective in the face of the basket, a triple by Counago and Silva’s layup at 8:41 put the game up for Juan José Rovira’s team 7-4. San Telmo was imprecise facing the basket while the black wings continued to hurt each time Planells, the team’s driver, had time to think and distribute the game. The minutes passed and the process remained the same, a bombshell to discount from Nicoletti in Masner’s team put the game 19-17 with 2 remaining for the end of the quarter. The first boy went with Athens up 25-21.

In the second quarter they came out with everything. Rivas with a shot of 6, 75 in the first minute had a difference of 7. However, in the blink of an eye, Tolmero for San Telmo responded with another bomb. The minutes passed and so it was, double goes double comes, until averaging the second quarter a triple by Jhonny Rodríguez put San Telmo up for the first time in the game. The process turned upside down, and Santo’s mental clean and jerk was great, a double from Carabajal put the maximum distance of the game, 13 for the visiting team. Despite Da Silva’s discount with a tremendous sink, the clock ticked the end of the first half with San Telmo winning 51-43.

A furious start from Athens with two doubles, one from Jones, which began to be uneven, and another from Counago at the end of the break, led the Rovira team to turn the scoreboard, it was put up by two in 5:50. Everything took a turn again, Silva with a tray and Planells with a triple put the game up 68-63 in 1:38 for the set of black wings. Jones continued with his hot hand, 19 seconds from the end he gave confidence to his team. Two free of Counago with the clock practically at zero left the game with an advantage of 4 points for those of Rovira, with uncertainty of what could happen in the last quarter.

You could not blink, they came and went in the last boy, with everything to be defined. Here the hand of Silva and Jones appeared to take a 2 advantage. Despite that, San Telmo was not far behind and with it a tray from Castro at 2:05 turned the score around and left them by 1 up. Counago moment arrived, bombshell and inside, Athens for 2 – we are going to put a fictitious pause of a few seconds to breathe. Now yes, from the perimeter Nicoletti again made San Telmo go through 1 to one minute from the end. Up to here the round trip, Silva’s hand arrived with a double and Jones’s, intractable, and thus the set of black wings, with two free games included by Counago, closed the game in a thrilling finale. Atenas was left with the 91-87 victory against San Telmo in the hot night of Montevideo.

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Seizing the first victory